Friday, April 17, 2009

Commencement of Reading Week

After one semester of battling continuous assessments which are not only continuous weekly and also infinitive wars, finally, my Test List is stroked through until it looked like this:

ca15 CAs or Tests were done and it actually ended with my French Oral test which I had with a tutorial friend named something sounds like ‘Wayn…’  Lucky for him because he volunteered for two times of the test so me and him is actually in the last group. Hence, after the oral test, Mdm Linda actually his performance is better in the second test. And we did well in the conversation… YAY! Seems like my tests ended up quite well. Thanks to him, because he did a lot of practice all the way and he is in final year! Happy Graduation to him… still laughing how we actually run and screamed along the corridor… haha… luckily the security is not around to shoo us away.

Anyway, came back to the Reading Week. Now is the official start of Reading Week and after that we will have finals. Since French is not having any finals (because we are ‘tortured’ all along the semester?), I have only five final exams left. One more than last semester, but this times. it is fairly well scheduled – instead of last semester of having two exams in one day. I am going to study hard for it! 


Vixklen said...

I got ES1301 too! XD

Mafer said...

haha,,, then we will be having exam in the same place! woohoo

mingmin said...

I didn't know that u are taking French..

Mafer said...

now you know lo... haha!

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