Monday, April 27, 2009

Did Santa Came?

  This is what I found when I shift my stuff over to new room. I tried to bring down my ‘Poke Me’ box and it apparently fall down and something rolled out of the pocket.


Yeah, three Easter Eggs… I thought it must be some kind of supper or welfare from block comm, but Sharlene checked hers but nothing in it. Hmm… still yet to know what is that for… Should be a present for Easter, but dunno who is it…. Maybe, Santa came early to hand out candies?

Anway, thanks to that person who dropped these three eggs in, but I wonder should I ever eat it when I don’t know who is it from… Maybe it is poisonous? Or maybe it is some creation from Fred and George? Maybe I shall leave it first before I finish other food. Unless it is proven to be safe to eat…

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