Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FREE Stuff for Reading + Exam Week

Hohoho, when I got them one by one, I never thought it would be that much. After thinking about it I realized how much free stuff or – blessings, I got for this semester’s Reading and Exam Week. I will mention some here. Let’s start with the exam welfare pack from Science Faculty and it turned out to be a notebook, a Pilot black pen and five mini boxes of chocolates. I shall say, I never thought the chocolates are so delicious until I tried them – and naturally, I forgot to take photos of them before finishing them up. The other one is the end of semester ‘feast’ for my English class where Ms Grace actually gave us food and drinks. I had a nice cup of hot Milo, one Rice Dumpling and ate one or two Something Named Vadai(looks like a Ham Chim Peng with a dried shrimp on it or a bloated Cucuk Udang – they say is something special in Singapore wor…). As usual, in the end still left one pile of food, so I get to pack back extra dumplings and Vadai. Vadai can be eaten with raw green chillis, I refused that for my own good… haha… Besides, Ms Grace gave us each a card and mine looked like this! It’s so nice of her!

DSCF3029 DSCF3030 DSCF3031

And what else did I get? Hmm… yeah, nice end of semester French class ended with us watching Notre Dame de Paris until lunchtime. Ooh, I liked that play! It’s a play just like what we did in HallPlay but in a bigger scale. And it is also musical with talented singers who can sing so well according to the play – Très Bien! I keep giggling about luckily Vin Yee and Michelle didn’t decide to sing Il Est Beau Comme Le Soleil song because the song meaning really is not something you would like to sing… Muahahahaha. And Besides, I would like to express my joy for being able to perform with Vin Yee and Michelle over the French Class Party with me playing guitar and we sang Les Champs Élysées by Joe Dassin. I liked that song and I admired the others who perform steadily that day, thumbs up! And the fact we watched the French comedy and videos about Francophone in NUS. Many laughters…

And talk about food, I would like to thank Reuben also, for the exam welfare pack… hehe… Just like last semester, my block didn’t give out exam welfare pack (simply because we think exams are just like normal days?) and it is very kind of Reuben (well, I did asked for it… *greedy*) for giving one each for each semester. This is the pack for this semester and luckily I remembered to take the photo before emptying – still here, will eat soon :D

21-04-09_2305 After this will be my Geopolitics class, where I really started to miss those Friday 4 to 6 lecture. Thanks for those teaching from the professor (C Gruncy-Warr) and tutor (Masao). Tough for a English-Dummy and Life Science student like me to understand the whole module, but it is pretty interesting, exposing to all the warfare and conflicts. Anyway, really want to say I really loved the Present Professor Grundy-Warr gave us during the last lecture – Friday I’m In Love by The Cure. Here is the audio and I agreed with some point inside :)

Friday Im In Love - The Cure

Haha, yea. I do get many encouragement from many people and really appreciated that! For example the brownies from our hall VCF I mentioned in earlier post… I ate that at the same night, imagine how many I ate…:P



Vixklen said...

What!!??? My ES1301 teacher didnt give me anything.. =P

Mafer said...

Haha... ours always got free food... Last time, we also got some nice food for Valentine's!

Zhuangli said...

Haha. How's E block welfare pack, not bad eh? Hope you enjoy your blessed reading week!

All the best for exams!

Mafer said...

You too... the welfare pack... haha... just ate something like Mimi... cheap stuff but great in number... what we really need!

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