Sunday, April 26, 2009

G 309 ---> G 307 In Progress

Action : G309 to G307

Time : Along the Exam Week

Progress : 23%

Rank : Midnight Shifter

Due to some reason, I have to shift room during my exam period. It seems difficult and will affect my exam, but have to be done, have to be done. I am now shifting bits by bits towards my new room, G 307. G 309 is now in a messy situation where things scattered around and untidiness no longer fits the description. While, it is joy to realize some interesting facts about my new room, no matter good or bad. For instance, my new room is not that prone to direct sun light, rain and what ever. It has higher ceiling and I felt that it is actually smaller in space. Condition of furniture not that favourable, but I sorted that out *secret*. And yesterday night, I found the first cockroach and beetle in my new room. Well, I do hope the cockroach is the last one but I don;t mind having other beetles as long as they are good. This means, my new room is a livelier space! Indeed, when I first moved to G 309, I was quite confused why I can’t find any living things in it – Is it too clean, or is it not environmental friendly – OR it has something BIGGER in it?! But at least, my new room is normal! I got my favourite single doorway too. The door is heavier and can stuck halfway without closing completely. The fan is quite clean but the mattress is quite mouldy – but have to sleep on that no matter what. Yes, that’s around what I want to say. Shifting room in midnight is something I preferred, looking at my situation…

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