Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April’s Fool!

This is what happen when you forgot today is April the first. I am one of those forgetful people who did not put calendar alarm on my mind and woke up in a puzzled situation. Yup, I woke up today in the morning, thinking how to battle in the following day to survive such a critical moment. and who knows I walked out of my room to realize my bathroom slippers and door handle were covered by some cream. Too bad that I had flu and can’t recognize what cream is that.

I was puzzled at the moment and wondered what event was that… Until in Dining Hall I heard about people mentioning April’s Fool day

Then I am like ‘OOOOHHHHHHHH-------.’ Yep, no wonder…

So, Happy April’s Fool to EVERYONE!

1 comment:

~ Siang chia ~ said...

happy belated April's Fool!
the first time i celebrated it wif a group of new frens...

U mean u will back penang at 7th of may?
at that time, i m still in my study break, i might go home for my study break.
so, v can meet up if i m free...
mayb 8th of may.

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