Tuesday, April 14, 2009

KE7 Room Draw

With 96 Room Draw Points, undoubtedly, I can enter the hall for the room bidding at a reasonable time and I already knew which room I wanted. Now in G309, I am going to shift two rooms over – to G307. Why I choose to stay in G Block? G Block is Gryffindor, and we wear RED, and we are the Greatest Heir (GH). AND, the most important thing is, I don’t see the need of shifting just like some other people who craved for a certain block like gold. I like the sensation being alone, being outside the circle – in other word, I am quite anti-social in some aspect. People might not noticed that.

But what happened is that I came back to my room to be stunned by the news of so many people shifted to G Block and be my neighbour next year. I know this should not be what I feel, but this IS what I felt. I felt no privacy at all. Now in G309, I am surrounded by empty rooms, I am noticed by no one else, I am NO ONE and I am hidden in my own world. Even if I am in room, no one will ever knows. In there, I feel safe. But now, I am surrounded by so many people – some more, known people. My room is not ‘sound proof’ – which means that I can no longer hide in my room. I feel unsafe…

I know it is a good thing to have so many friends staying at the same row as us, and it is one of the fact that will make Hall Life interesting… but somehow, as I disguised myself as Voldemort and Severus Snape for so long, I guess, my gene of being like them is totally expressed and I started to like being alone. People might think I am weird, but I AM WEIRD! I don’t deny it. I am described as weird since small… How else can I be?

Anyway, it doesn’t mean I don’t welcome you all back to GH Block. The above is just my thought. If you think I am weird, keep on, call me a weirdo…

For those who made it to remain in GH Block:

Welcome back as GH Blockers and Gryffindors still wear RED!!!


Mafer a.k.a The Dark Lord is now officially the owner of G307 in KE7 in AY 09/10.

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*pRiS* said...

heya. dun worry. if u need ur own world, we will understand and will just leave u alone de.hahaha

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