Saturday, April 04, 2009

KEWOC Initiation: The Way to Royal Ambassador


Haha… don’t worry, by judging on the grammar and vocabulary used in the paper above, it is clear it does not come from a professional journalist. This is just an expression to express their joy, seriously. Yes, today, King Edward VII (KEVII) Hall Welcoming & Orientation Committee had their own initiation as a sign to start their work and preparation for the exciting Welcoming and Orientation programmes, for the KEVIIans, by the KEVIIans and of the KEVIIans. They had their stock check and later had the ceremony of cleaning the canvas while the committee will initiate by sliding down the canvas. The whole event gave the Work that kills them, the Joy that kill them and also the Experience that kill them, because it is too extreme.

The cleaning of the room is not an easy task. Indeed, the room is in a messy state after the usage by other committee and we found many junk and unknown objects inside. That includes a lizard which died in the middle of stuff. Just by cleaning the room and counting our stock, it takes us the whole morning and several sneezes.

And this is with so many of us helping. These are some shots of people attending the event.

Yu Wei, who is so shy for a camera shot. Eddie who enjoys the session in the room. Kah Chun, Kelvin and Gavin who played and worked a lot and our official Sweeper Xifei. There are loads of others of course…

You can suggest the number of people there who worked so hard for the day. It seems that I am counted one of those rare people who did not wear a flip-flop.

All of this… happened in this faithful room – The Headquarter of the Royal Ambassador…

We even found some stuff that we did during the last orientation. These are the weapons we created for our tribes last year. It is a result of Float Training. Nice memory, eh? Yes, this brought back a lot of memory of our orientation and might be our motivation and inspiration to form a better orientation than last year. We wish to not only bring back the uniqueness the usual traditional orientation, but also give those juniors a new experience of undergoing orientation, to induce their passion towards the Hall – King Edward VII Hall.

So, today, we are busy untying all those flags drawn by us last year. We try to reuse stuff that we used last year to cut down the cost since it is good to recycle or reuse. On the run, it is quite labour to do all those cutting, untying and pulling poles out of those stubborn masking tape, but it does not mean we have no fun. We gain fun from the work. This is the special part, see…


We had our Programme Head who is quite narcissist (realized that today), posing for several photos today. And some of us who returned to last year, by having a play over those props…

And even inside the KEWOC room, we found interesting stuff, such as 06/07 KEWOC hand drawn posters. I secretly included myself in – though I am not that old… And this is Stephanie who is injured during her jog but is now talking to her Mom through the phone in Hokkien (an issue which created a conversation in the room) and also Chun Keat who sing whenever he goes.

And we also have to work hard to throw some stuff away, particularly some stuff that really is not going to be used anymore.

Those secretaries are happy to put up these papers to remind us of our crazy work scheme. It is empty now, but it won’t be in a few days time :D

Sometimes, we had some rest where chit-chat took over the place and conversations flew all over the room. This is kind of bonding session, I guess. And there is this last year props that is really still intact in the room.

Notice someone slept…

When the time comes, of course, we started to shift the canvas to the slope… of course, with everyone’s help and co-operation…

Liked the one above… really heavy and really has the mode of helping each other… And I am also posing for one of the photos before heading there with one of the lighter canvas. :)

This is where we set up our slide, with the canvas. It is just beside H Block and there is two cascading slide…

And we had a fireman-prone Eddie to help with the hose and there are others who helped out such as Musa and Vincent. Yes, without the water, the slide will be just a slide. This is an initiation!

And then, we START!

And then, we SLIDE!

Besides, we slide again and again. And there are people who tried head first sliding, which is really not something I want to try.

Too-Too Train style is also quite nice, but the problem is the weight of each people is different. By the theory of momentum and inertia, in the end, the speed and impact of each people is different, resulting in some bumping and some people collapse into each other.

And of course we won’t forget about our photo session together, to officially inform the whole world that we are now KEWOC!!! What we do is having us as pyramid (pity those below) and I am at the second layer from below, which also feels the weight of those above… We lied down like drying salty fish and that’s it!

After hours of arranging people, and the position lying down as ‘salt fish’, we finally ended our photo session and had lunch, and of course cleaning up some dry canvas. KEWOC Rocks!!! And we are now the ROYAL AMBASSADOR OF KING EDWARD VII HALL!!!

Link to more photos of the event is here.

Special thanks to some photographers who helped in capturing the photo while I enjoy the event: Zhuangli, Reuben, Musa and etc.


~ Siang chia ~ said... enjoyable life there...
so good u always hav this kind of actvity to join...

加小 said...

u guys r quite funny! really lookin forward to KEWOC 09/10! hahahaha

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