Friday, April 10, 2009

Of Cream Caramel…

Today, I missed breakfast cereal, which is an important meal.

Since it is on Good Friday, I get a holiday.

I woke up late, and got to enough sleep that I should get.

I had my usual lunch, and as i munch,

I saw a stall, selling what I wished to eat of all.

It says flan pudding, from a Vietnamese selling.

I look into the picture, and say to myself “Are you sure?”


It looks like cream caramel, which the restaurant sell.

I ordered one, and wish it is what I want.

The dish came, and it looks slightly the same.

I sink my mouth into it, and intended to eat.

It smells the same, yet not all les mêmes…

Yes it is slightly difefrent from cream caramel, with the same burnt sugar and creamy eggy smell, but the taste is different. The sauce is more liquified instead of thick sauce and there are ice on top when caramels were served chilled. My favourite – cream caramel. Today, spent 1.20 dollar extra for Flan pudding. Although still didn’t get to taste real cream caramel, but it is enough with those burnt sugar smell, LOVE IT! Yet when I found out in Internet, Flan pudding is supposed to be Crème caramel, i guess it is because of the derivatives after it is circulated around the world and reach Vietnam in that kind of way… This is the picture of Crème caramel from Wikipedia.


~ Siang chia ~ said...

wua....nice caramel oo...
so envy u still can hav the chance to taste it...
enjoy o^^

Mafer said...

I am also very surprised when I saw it in a stall... of coz the one i eat is not like this... but almost the same la... can't expect too high from Singapore food wat...

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