Friday, April 03, 2009

A Paragraph of ‘Chabalang’

So… ONE DOWN! Today, Biochemistry CA ended, indicating one more strike on my CA list. Anyway, just to review the post I posted last time. I miscounted the number and it is 15 CAs in total for my this semester and now is 9 down. Hence, I still have 6 tests to go, and they are going to be squeezed in these two weeks. Cool, eh? Yup yup, it sounds bizarre to me, the way how the semester is going to end, the way how the tests are planned to make my life so complicated and the way I live it out!

Shouldn’t be blogging at the moment but our Geopolitics lecturer haven’t start the lecture except letting the students to pour in and we are listening to some unknown music. Today’s topic is “War On Terror”. It is counted as one of the most interesting topic for this semester, although I do like the Cold War and I actually hope I cam learn about World War II and Hitler. Too bad it is not included into the module… So today, let’s see terrorism topics, Iraqs and Afghanistan and also those United States ‘actions’.

And even our Sir Grundy-Warr is so excited about new manager for Newcastle United Football Club that he stated that as a Good News in our e-mail *sweat*. And yes, class is starting soon.. stopping here… *cluck*

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加小 said...

Hi, nice to meet u here on blogspot! haha! I like the Geopolitics leh! Great!So interesting! =)

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