Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Red Result

Today, I am finally have some free time and decided to go to collect my French final test paper. And now I feel how lucky am I to collect it after some exam papers were done, because the result is so terrible that I think I am not only going below average but the the extreme edge of the bell curve. I did quite normally for my comprehension part, but for grammar and writing part, I got terrible red red red red red marks everywhere. What is worse is the existence of negative marking in some area, resulting in a large ZERO in that section. Now I am worried whether I can even continue to study French 3 with such a result…

Who ask me to be so careless over my grammar and the accent…. =(

1 comment:

~ Siang chia ~ said...

Hey,don b so sad for the result. At least u know this is because of ur careless, so u must not make the same mistake again next time. You must not give up because of this frustration.

U r goin to come back, don't you?
giv me a call wen u r here.

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