Thursday, April 23, 2009

Room and Water = Some Experience

Yesterday talked to Zhuangli on MSN and realized that I forgot to blog about something big in my life. That particular event, changed my life in some sense and it is an important day in my life. That day, I cried. Of course, that’s a aftermath of this event which I thought is the post I blogged about the major event. After months my Lower 6 started, I was woke up by Dad and Mum who shouted about my room. I ran towards my room to see what happened in my pyjamas and still sleepy eyes. And my sleepiness vanished right after what I encountered. My room was on the second floor and I heard water splashing sound as though it was raining or it was a waterfall. I saw water flowing out of my room, dripping down the staircases and I inched towards my room… Water was pouring down from any places of the ceiling, as though the ceiling was nothing but perforated cloth, allowing clean water flowing through, wetting the whole space. I was shock.

The first thing I did, was ran in to look at my books. (This is when I realized how much I loved my books and surprisingly it is not Harry Potter). Yes, the first book I touched when I ran in was Harry Potter, but I placed it back to the watery shelf. Instead, I turned and heaved all the books on my table, texts, paper, references… and ran out to the balcony to put them on the floor. It took me more than ten rounds because basically that room is more of a study than a room… By the time I ran in for my Harry Potter book, they were already soaked, thoroughly. Clothes were wet, my mattress was like sponge with water, everything is just like what you could see on a wrecked ship. As I shifted my stuff, hot tears dripped down, mixing with the water which was all over me… I lost everything I have that day. Guess what did I missed while I save my possession? I forgot all of my money and mobile phone. When I remembered about it, my mobile phone was already unconscious and I have to fan it for days. And the worst thing is money, I only remember about my money weeks after and the corrosion of the tin box had already infected the money. Some of the money were broken and some spoiled. So, that’s the time I knew how bad am I in saving my own money. Basically, I lost almost 80% of my savings from that. Effect of books are, I have a set of over-sized Harry Potter books (except the last book), they increased their size after being dried… no idea why is that so… And I have to study for the rest of my Form 6 with those over-sized, out of shape, mouldy smell reference books and that room was left emptied for months before it is cleaned properly and can be used again. Some of the furniture even had fungus on it until I have to throw it out. The fungus are some white, yellow and orange. The electricity is turned off for safety and when me and Brother enters, we used torches and that looks like searching treasure in an abandoned ship…

Anyway, that’s what happened when I was in high school. After that my possession increased back to normal and even exceeded since I get to buy more stuff and store somewhere else. The above event is purely due to pipe leak, can you believe it? And yesterday I am very grateful my room fulfilled its role as a room – a space protecting me and my possessions. Yesterday there is a lot of wind and some rain, creating many things flying around… and I only realized after the whole incident that I forgot to close my room window. As I ran into my room, not much happened, only some water over the table and books like sprinkles of water and leaves on my pillow. BB bear, Doraemon and Chipmunk are safely there and nothing much change. I can see how lucky I am to have this room.

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