Friday, April 17, 2009

What is SO Interesting about MouseHunt?

Recently, there is something that was kept being talked over some random conversation and undoubtedly, it is MouseHunt. Due to curiosity (which is harmful sometimes), I enrolled in that game as well and I realized that is is not much like a game. All players did was clicking the horn to sound for hunt . Players get level up and upgraded weapons just like in any games. But why? Why this 2D, non-interactive(as usual), static ‘game’ can attract so many people? I gave it a deep analysis and realized that many people played the games for many different reason, and for me, particularly, I find myself admiring the artwork of the creator. Here, I would like to introduce three basic mouse – white, grey and brown mice. They are the most basic mouse the game, hence, I believe is the earliest artwork produced by the team. Here we can see the arts is  not very special in any skills but it brings back the effect of animation, variations, humour and the work actually bring out certain messages like how these species is so dumb or ‘too brave?’. These photos were found in MHWiki and I realized I enjoyed scrolling around for each species artworks especially when the species went to a higher level. The art is getting more and more interesting and vary. In terms of market, newer version of artwork definitely increases its affinity towards public expectation and near to usual marketed artworks. Therefore, it can be seen the seriousness of the creator in expanding the territory of the game.


There are too many species of mouse. Hence, for this post I will just introduce three…


mingmin said...

I was addicted to it last semester oso..

Mafer said...


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