Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yesterday night, is the latest night I went back home after I came back from NUS. Well, what I had been doing worth the late night back though… What I expected was one or two old friends during high school but it turned out to be the usual gang. I hopped into Apex and hopped out to tell Dad that I can’t see any of my friends and maybe we just go for another trip before turning back. And just seconds after that pH called me and told me she was inside. I hopped in again to see her – hiding in one of the big tables. I laughed as I sat down – only two of us, then… I ordered my dinner – sandwiches and tea (I ate a whole pack of satay before going, haha). Later, we were joined by Soo Ling, Hui Ling, Ying Ying and Soo Ling’s friend – Ai Na. No one except Soo Ling ordered solid food, so I ended up as the only one swallowing the breads as they chat. Thanks to Soo Ling who ‘donated’ her bread to me as well *roll eyes*. Anyway, Ai Na is a friend in same college (is it 2nd college?) as Soo Ling in UM, doing Quantitative Survey. She’s from Sarawak and know Valerie (too bad I don’t know Valerie too well). Ting Shan, my boatmate, can’t come because of – ehem – some meeting with her – ehem – well, our old classmate as well. Siang Chia is still having exam, despite the fact she’s msn-ing when I am having exam week, haha. Sye Nee, however, was hiding at home with her boyfriend who came to visit Penang (no comment).

There were chats and we actually joked about sms-ing Sye Nee to say we are going to raid her house. Apparently, she said ‘OK’. When we tell her it was a joke, her mother had already went off to prepare for welcoming us. Hence, we are forced to (actually we are very glad to go la) visit her house. We soon learned that we should all go back to delete all our photos or any information or memory together with Sye Nee when we find out all our unglamorous  photos and stories were told repeatedly to her special friend. Obviously, our image is destroyed, sigh… Luckily we do keep all those unglam stuff of Sye Nee to defend, haha, no worries. And since it was quite long since we met last time, there were a lot of discussions and chats. I admit I am surprised I can chat for so long. Anyway, the main point is the happiness of gathering with friends again.

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