Sunday, May 17, 2009

Drive It

After sending Pleasure off to KMK, I am free to drive. Mum and Dad won’t let me drive the car before that because they insist that I will cause the car to broke down with my ‘skills’ if I ever drive it. So, after Pleasure is sent off, I am allowed to drive in that car. And today, I tried my chance to Megamall. It is still old and looked like it will collapse any moment. But anyway, today, I need to get myself a pair of what-so-ever, I am forced to buy a pair of heels just because of mokmok’s wedding. I wondered when will I ever wear those funny footwear other than dinner. I nearly fell face down on the floor while I tried to walk in those not-very-practical shoes. But since I won’t want to be seen in dress + sandals conformation in a wedding dinner, I have to fit into those shoes la. Mom get me one by using Dad’s money for around 60 ringgit (it is as expensive as the best sandals I get). Anyway, I am free to get myself a pair of sneakers, haha. My Dad was asking what sneakers I was looking at. I said it was the old-fashioned basketball shoes lo. My Dad laughed at why I am going backwards in time – and I said I am going 复古. Hehe. So I managed to find one – and for those who don’t know how a old-fashioned basketball shoes looks like – it is the converse boots.

I don’t understand why my school prefects chooses a basketball shoes as girls’ uniform, but I do like that. This shoes, however, costs only half of the heels Mum bought for me – around 30! (Well, if you are buying from a converse shop – the real converse, sorry ya, it is 90 ++ Ringgit and I won’t buy that stuff). Anyway, these are the boots and I must say I like the one with Army stripes, but it is too big for me. Even this one is already bigger feet size than my own feet, but considering I am wearing socks and I am tying the shoe lace, I am suitable for this one…


What is so ironic is that when Dad is refusing to let me buy story books from the store, I am allowed to buy the whole set of <<神雕侠侣>> which consists of 4 books. After all I added books to my reading list. No idea how much time I need to finish that, but I won’t mind carrying it over to NUS. Though, I can’t believe for this edition, those drawing drawn using black chinese calligraphy ink were quite low quality. I used to admire those drawing in which it depicts the storyline while it is drawn using those calligraphy brushes.


And yes, I dragged Dad to eat McD ice-cream. Dad had one but he accidentally dropped the whole cup ( I thought only me will do such thing, haha). I offered him mine but he says never mind, so I ate mine la. And notice that it was specially ordered to be plain flavoured, yay! Before that, I received a shocking phone call from Stephanie, who called all the way across the South China Sea from Sarawak just to tell me she and Wen Qing are eating in McDonald’s *curled my lips*. And I spend a lot of time with Dad, waiting as Mum shops around.

17-05-09_1651 17-05-09_1652 

Dinner is self-service – Steamboat. So I guess I strike out another dozens of food on the list again. =D


Zhuangli said...

Is that really a McD Sundae??

Mafer said...

yea... less quantity but better in taste :D

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