Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Freshie No More?!

By 11:03 am today, while the staff were storming across MPSH 5 on the frail carpet, collecting our papers, I sat quietly with my heart starting to float slightly upwards (maybe the apex went from 6th mediaclavical intercostal space to the 5th one). Well, that’s what I felt, it’s not a feeling of happy, but the feeling of lightness, I believe I can fly on a broomstick if I really have a Firebolt. After that, I came back to find myself have nothing else to do. I am officially and fully free from anything, unlike those poor people who are now suffering in packing their stuff *Evil laughter*.

Anyway, this is what happened in my today’s paper. I felt the pressure but what can I do? The paper is over! I realized I only wrote one booklet of answer with extra big font while when I turned to my right, I saw the girl actually is writing in font one tenth of mine and is writing in second booklet. There are so many people raising their hands for the second booklet but I can’t see what else I can still write, poor me! Then, I turned left to see a guy who only wrote one booklet. But then, the moment he flipped open his booklet, I nearly fainted. He actually drew maps and diagrams on it!!! Gosh, when they say Geographies of War and Peace, do we really have to be professional in cartography?! My critical writing towards political issue is still at beginner’s level, same as my cartography – does that mean I didn’t learn enough in the module: Geopolitics: Geographies of War and Peace?!!!

Anyway, that’s just one of the horror I faced this semester. There are lots more crazy stuff happening around, will talk about it slowly next time. Anyway, after exam, I came back, had lunch and had a small nap! Then, what brought me into holiday mood is after a bathe, I changed to my BOP training camp shirt with a “Secret Summer Holiday” on the back! Ahh, how true it is to head towards a wonderful(I believe) Summer Holiday! Whether it will be secret or not, I won’t be telling it here – secret what… And now, officially in holiday, I ended my second semester in NUS and is now officially not so Freshie – still Freshie – but is heading to be a Second-ie…

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