Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers’ Day To All!

Bonjour, every mother on the Earth. Yep yep, my mother’s Mothers’ Day actually is everyday la, but the celebration span almost the whole weekend. Since it is weekend, the whole family is at home and we basically spend every time together (unless you count the hours we spent in the wash room). And I spent most of my energy hiding here and there, sneaking papers and tools in and out of rooms just to avoid Mummy seeing me doing her card. In the end, a simple card costs me around one whole evening (till midnight) to complete it. This is it, pink – since Mummy loves Red or Pink so much. I admit I am very bad at mixing colours like pink, but what to do? Yes… It looks more like Family Day Card than Mothers’ Day card… never mind…


We had lunch on Saturday in a restaurant for Chinese dishes and Nando’s in Auto City for dinner (I paid the time for the whole night with Dad and Brother, waiting while Mummy strolled around). Then, on Sunday, I woke up to find my breakfast is Singapore Fried Bee Hoon. Wa! Why?! I came all the way back to Penang from Singapore and Daddy actually bought Singapore Fried Bee Hoon?! Mummy and Daddy went off to the bazaar early in the morning. They are so busy buying stuff for brother’s preparation until they forgot about my shoes, sigh… Anyway, I spent the morning exploring the fridge to find loads more of chocolates (which I can’t eat for health’s sake) and a packet of candy. *Big round eyes* haha… so long didn’t see this kind of candy!


And then, we had lunch in Pearl View Hotel. Erm… the food is not exactly nice, but is considered okay with quite a low price. Mothers get the rate of 15 Ringgit per person while others are 28 (such a biased scumbag). Ha, although not the best place to taste food, but I did sank my teeth into a variety of food such as chocolate cakes, blueberry cakes, pudding, Roti Jala, Murtabak, yellow rice, curry, laksa and so on… It is not the stop of my food hunt… once sent Pleasure off to Kedah, I will have my own adventure! Oh yes, Pleasure bought his new phone (don’t ask a person as tech-idiot as me about the model – I don’t know) and I am lazy to take along my camera (since I preferred to be the one eating than taking photos), so, I borrowed his and took some photos, including brother’s shiny head…muahahahaha…

  DSC00013 DSC00016DSC00015

And for the whole evening, what I did was watching series of CSI and Mr Deeds. And I followed Mummy along to visit 5th Aunt, just to grab my chance to scare my little cousin off. She can now walk, my gosh and was running around just now. And I can’t believe 5th Aunt gets pregnant for the second time, whoa, so fast (no idea why they say for her age, is normal). Anyway, just sounds like pregnant marathon… Yea, spared my time getting my hands on my little cousin’s toys *hehe*. And at the same time, waiting for the time ticking till the real Mothers’ Day celebration. Since all the Mothers of the Day likes Chinese Food. So, the venue is a Chinese Food Restaurant nearby… I passed the paddy field and remembered I forgot to take last time… so, I snapped two!

 DSCF3044 DSCF3043

This is the ‘feast’ detail:


MOTHERS: Granny, Mummy and all the Aunties (they are all mothers what)

Other People: People like me who wants to eat

Time: 6.30 pm but delayed due to our ‘late tradition’

Venue: A Chinese Restaurant which houses Chinese Food

Food: Controlled by the Mothers

Yea, that’s it. After the dinner, my family left earlier to buy brother extra singlet and I got to step into that faithful building after working there once last time… Most of the faces are new now, but no one ever recognize me, good. So, that’s how I celebrated Mothers’ Day. Oh, and anyway, Pleasure is quite upset about didn’t get JPA scholarship. I can’t say anything because he’s luckier by getting matriculation, in my opinion. Mom just console him by saying that maybe this is God’s will that He had something else in this path that He wanted him to find out. Yes, that’s what I usually says. But anyway, I still thinks he is lucky – so, I really didn’t see what’s the sorrow when you at least get something rather than getting nothing and is heading Form 6. Form 6 is okay, but still… ahhhhh…  don’t know how to say *silence*

Okokokok – here is it:


to all the mothers in the world

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