Friday, May 22, 2009

Just Can’t Get Enough

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Pardon me, I am just a bit obsessed with buildings and those roof might look odd on top of the shops and it looks like the design is a bit mixed in a weird taste, but it does sound special in an odd way! Kapitan is the cuisine that was attracted to but never stopped to taste.


And we entered the carnival to hunt for food again – it’s lunch time! Mom came back early because it is a national school (early come-back-home time on Friday), Pleasure is rotting at home (Friday is like Saturday in Kedah) and I am full from the Pork rib noodle for breakfast. But what came next digested the noodle instantly. Hongkie is the place. Hongkie in auto-city is always packed and crowded, that makes me hate it a lot. But this time, it changed my attitude towards that name – it is quiet, peaceful and I can order at least some food.

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Pleasure is crazy with several servings. He had this seafood cream in bread, mushroom soup and baked rice.


Mom had Hor Fun and sandwiches. while I had my own set which is quite large and I am actually tasting the food, not eating. They were Sizzling Lamb Chop, tea, mushroom soup and garlic bread.

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Dad came late afterwards to join in and we went to Black Canyon. Since it is a coffee shop, I ordered Café Latte which comes with a small cup of Jasmine Tea and a minute basket of ‘ABC’ biscuits and also a Mocha ice cream with chocolate chips.

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Dinner, I go to Sin Woi’s house. Finally met my boatmate wahahaha. We had dinner at Tambun with loads of cholesterol-filled seafood. We actually saw a shape figure which looked like crocodile in the water halfway. Then, we had a green green minty cake with a can’t-blow-off candle. Then we left with full stomach. And these are the girls, sorry guys – the guys photo and the group photos are at other people’s camera la. And there is this Siang Chia (who had just ended exam and is still feeling floaty with the flight), Soo Ling, Sye Nee and Ai Na (the three who is going to village on island tomorrow), Poh Hui (who went for attachment in a pharmacy and we found the attachment is a bit … ) and last, is Ting Shan (my boatmate, haha – finally appear!).


Photos in my camera during the gathering is here, others – not uploaded yet at the moment.


Vixklen said...

you love to take pictures of food, dont you? haha..

Mafer said...

hehe... this is to prepare for myself when I miss food in NUS...:P

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