Tuesday, May 12, 2009

KMK – Here I Come, Yet not to Study

After these few days of sweating like mad because I was dragged along in the preparation of packing for matrikulasi and that’s because Pleasure is entering KMK (Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah). It’s around 2 hours drive to that faithful place and I assured myself for sleeping for the whole journey. And when we arrived, it was a long queue. Lucky that we are from the shortest road and we get to park our car quite fast. After that will be Pleasure going to ‘mendaftar diri’ while Dad and Mom met some parents and some student with siblings which Dad taught before. There are a lot of Dad’s student and also from school like my school who get straight A1s but yet didn’t get PSD scholarship. I sort of hinted Pleasure *nah… see, other people got much better result also can’t get*. Anyway, while waiting, I went to a bazaar set up in the kolej which sell a lot of Malay food. I had Bee Hoon Sup Ayam, Lekor, Doi Doi, Steamed Peanuts, Teh Tarik, Curry and lots lots more.


When Pleasure called for the second time, he had already registered as the kolej’s student and had got his hostel key. Nope, they don’t have transponders and that’s the corridor to his hostel. The ratio of student in the kolej is 2:1 for girls is to boys. My gosh, did boys extinct? I admit the corridor looks a bit old and the condition of room is not very nice. But the space is definitely bigger than my room, hmph! Pleasure sat down to fill up tonnes of forms (it’s a few sheets) while we looked around. Considering they actually receive allowance every month, having their own bed and cupboard, free new pillows, their own corkboard, a mirror shared by four, a big room for four, a writing desk with lamp, a small stand for books… I guess, that’s considered not bad. Mom and Dad spent their time meeting other three roommates of Pleasure. They are all Malays and are from Kelantan, Terengganu and Penang. Our little Pleasure is the one who stay nearest to the kolej, he should by now feel lucky for that, since he might become one of those who went back home nearly every week.

DSCF3046 DSCF3049

These are some photos of the bed and the space for one person. They gets same bed sheet (have to pay for that though…). The registration fee includes a backpack, a necktie (poor Pleasure bought so many ties), two dry fit shirt, some buku panduan or whatever, complete set of bed sheet and pillow cover…

DSCF3048  DSCF3050 DSCF3053

One thing Pleasure’s room has and I don’t have is that fan! It has a much bigger and modern-er fan than in King Edward VII Hall! If you hang me on the KE fan, I guess I will fall down with the fan with me. If you hang me on this one, maybe I did manage to turn a round or so! The fan is much more cooling and is newer than KE VII! Maybe they should consider changing KEVII’s… And I took a rough picture while I strolled to the Co-Op. There is a small mosque inside for their religion event and prayers. The kolej is not big but is equipped with 8 lane tracks, field, basketball court, squash court, tennis court, volleyball court and so on. No no, there’s no swimming pool though…

DSCF3051   DSCF3054

And Pleasure was forced by Mummy who worried too much, to buy all sorts of stuff, including a broom. I haven’t even add my own broom into my room after surviving one year in NUS… haha. And me and brother were fascinated by the packs of tissues sold. They printed Happy Tree Friend design… we had a pretty much time to examine every packet of it…muahahaha.

DSCF3055 DSCF3056

And, that’s it. In the evening, we went home late while it was still raining. I missed the Life Science Curriculum revision dialogue due to lack of wireless in Pleasure’s room *grunt*.


Yes, and in the late evening, Mum and Dad drove me off to computer shop where I have to help them to buy printer’s ink. The ink costs a lot but I forgot about the price since I don’t need them yet, haha. Mum bought her another pendrive and I grabbed my chance to nudge her to buy me a headphone. Hmm, instead of the first headphone I get free from my old computer, which ended up torn after being chewed by cockroaches, this one is only going to be used during emergency. Mum never let me listen much from such devices and I have a typical reaction while using them as well (just don’t like the thing sticks into your head *shudder* and etc etc…) but for goodness sake, after times of experiencing the headphones from library, I promised myself to limit my contact with library ones. They were cellotaped and spoiled and smelly. I won’t be surprised if there were bacterias on it. Hence, something that personal, I preferred to at least use my own one… And this new one only cost me 10 ringgit. Not bad, eh?


Zhuangli said...

Why did you miss the dialogue? I don't understand. It is not available online. -.-

Mafer said...

coz i plan to ask question through msn through wen qing ma...

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