Sunday, May 03, 2009

Learning Languages

Still with two more papers behind my back, inching nearer and nearer. I do know I should study and do wish I can used things that I learn into this post but the thing is, this topic is not as biochemistry as it can, and I can see no geopolitical issue within as well. This is a thought I realized after yesterday Gavin gave x % of his speech in Chinese. What I can say is, “ Bravo, Gavin!”. Yes, indeed, learning a language is not easy, especially when it is a language you never had a connection before. Just like how I learn French. It looks fun, cool, to learn French, but no one but yourself will understand how much effort you have to put to get it right – or, sometimes, even get back an essay with a ‘0’ marks.

Speaking is another. Gavin is lucky to be learning Chinese, which has audience, listener, people who understand the language, like us. He might feel uncomfortable speaking in a weird accent, but still, we understand what is he talking about. One piece of advice is: Come out of your comfort zone, don’t be ashamed, just speak the language out. Part of my ‘weirdness’ remark is because of this. Yes, it is odd to speak some language no one understand, with no one willing to listen, with no one to correct you, with no one to share it with. However, learning speaking doesn’t always need communication. It all comes with practices, talking in French to the other me, that’s the best way to avoid people calling me weird. Sometimes, still, you got to grab the chance to practice the language during daily life, even with a short ‘hello’, ‘good morning’. People will look at me like I am a non-Earth people, but it’s okay – this is how I meant to come out of the comfort zone, speak a language that you are not very familiar with! Sometimes, I just blabber many things out to realized it is grammatically wrong. That’s where you start to learn, to organize your sentence before it spurts out of your larynx to oral cavity and so on (crap, I should put anatomy aside). And good thing about not having many who understands you is, when you got one whole bunch of error, they will just laugh like normal because they can’t differentiate anything. Go ahead, let them laugh, and you will benefit from learning something they don’t!

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