Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Meet With Rachel

It actually happened so briskly that I can consider this date quite a sudden because it is just within few messaged that we decided to have a day out. Rachel, a girl I knew from high school, and I decided to watch movie and have a day walking around for nothing, haha. And it came to me that it is so hard to decide what movie to watch. Seriously, I haven’t step into a cinema for months and I had lost track of movies since months ago, unless some special ones which I am looking forward such as Harry Potter and Angels & Demons. At the meantime, now it is showing movies that other people kept talking about like X-Men, Star Trek, Fast & Furious and lots that I don’t have any idea what were them. And when Rachel ask me to decide on the movie title… I got a very big problem. Asking here and there and in the end, I came up with the simplest solution – see first la!

So, we had our day out to Sunway carnival – since it is quite near. We had out lunch in Winter Warmers (again, the irony is the fact we dine in Winter Warmer during Summer time). And then, we had little stroll around the mall where I found my sneakers (but didn’t buy because of the highly-priced footwear, will buy somewhere else with cheaper price). I get myself a white pullover hoodie from F.O.S, can’t believe I actually got one similar hoodie for a quarter of the price I saw in Gurney. Anyway, since it is worth, I will wear it happily.

And yes, back to the movie, it turned out to be the first ghost movie I watch this year *shudder* – Coming Soon. It’s a Thai movie and a movie about a ghost of a movie in a cinema (it have the same rhythm as Lemony Snicket’s the end of the end is the best place to start the end of the end…). The theatre was quite empty with some at the back and only us two in front… I warned Rachel that if suddenly I scream and throw my crackers and drinks around, don’t complain – because after such a long time not being trained to watch ghost movie, my threshold level might be very very low. And indeed, I did shudder at the thought that we are in the cinema while the ghost in the movie is also in a cinema. Luckily is that the making of film mixed quite a lot of elements of scariness from other movie,which made me feel more like repeating ghost movie than expecting a new one. Anyway *spoilers*, the ghost is not about the ghost in the ghost movie but the death of the replacing actress. And this brought me back to memory when I searched the net about injuries of those technical actor and actresses, which were not not credited while they were those who did all those stunts and dangerous risky acts. Accidents does exist in movie making and we should appreciate their hard work.

Anyway, I thought I might get some intuition through the movie to add some mysteries in hope to boost my creativity, but so far, all the techniques were a mix of some other movie, so I guess I still need to explore more to improve. And that day I did took some photos with Rachel for memory. God knows when will we meet again – just like how Ying Yiek is now in Australia and failed to come back yet (hope this reminds you ya, Ying Yiek)…

DSCF3058 DSCF3060DSCF3059

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