Friday, May 08, 2009

The Place I Call Home

After coming out from the gate, found my family and we went back home from Bayan Lepas. Mom, trying to show off her sense of direction, by driving to the other side instead of following the signboard towards Butterworth, ended up somewhere far from Bukit Jalil and is heading towards PISA *laugh*. In the end we have to direct her back to the main road before crossing over the Bridge. The expansion of Penang Bridge is still going on, yet the fake people on there are not working. When I went back, unpacked, settled down, I was already quite tired. Hence, I slept.

Today, planned to jog but ended up sleeping late. Now realized I took my alarm clock to NUS and my room now is totally without a clock – weird. Lucky I still can wake up in time to much some light breakfast before starting the day off. Mom and Dad went to school… So, I only can wait till they come back from school, weekend and also the mid-year break. But anyway, my home is in a state where I am *sneezing* not very tolerant about. My room is back to the dusty room, which i can stay in before I went to NUS. I spent the whole night sneezing and kept waking up to wipe off phlegm from my nose *gosh, luckily I have boxes of tissues around*. And this is one of the rare time that I voluntarily cleared some things off the places. The objects are claiming spaces, until I have to squeeze in one of the corner to put my laptop. Too bad my home don’t have wireless, now have to stick to less than 2 feet from the wire. Anyway, streamyx is back on work and I am happily online, though among those piled up, mountainous stuff around. Brother obviously thought he will get starved in NS camp until he bought so many cup noodles, crackers, bottled water, bread and so on. In the end, he came back early, leaving the dining table piled up with food *this is why I spend an extra 10 minutes to clear the stuff before putting my laptop…hmph*. Brother also put all his books on my study and now I don’t even have a place to sit down at the study! Guess I can use the holiday clearing the stuff.

Anyway, after breakfast *ignoring those cup noodles offered by Pleasure*, I got to watch part of the New York Yankee versus Tampa Bay Rays baseball match live. Well, it’s not the same as softball but quite awesome to watch the fast pitch. After that watch some movie which is really, really outdated because I don’t watch it during the semester much. So, basically, I am sitting at home, doing whatever I want, eating everything I can get rid with. But wait, I still have to make sure I didn’t overfed, so I better watch on and at least have some exercise. Today’s only vigorous movement ever did are running up and down the stairs because of the phone calls. Dad always called the upstairs when I am downstairs and Mon called downstairs when I am upstairs *grunt*, and my friend sms my mobile which I have to search through the piles for it *another grunt*. But anyway, it’s really a good experience to sit at home, enjoying the hours.

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