Thursday, May 21, 2009

Polarity Convergence: Angels & Demons

Watched Angels & Demons today with a bunch of friends. That’s a movie I looked forward to watch during my vacation and I guess the specialness lies in which I still stay put and wait for the movie to come out despite my disappointment after watching Da Vinci Code last time. I think, Dan Brown had indeed produced nice work. It doesn’t matter which is truth in the fiction, it doesn’t matter where you stand in the book; I am just amazed by all the hard work Dan Brown had put in for research during the writing. It’s not easy to find materials for a book, and he had done it quite well, like some other good authors. Today, however, I am going to talk about the movie and the cinema, not the pages that can dissolve your soul. *spoilers might exist in the following paragraphs*.


Perhaps, Da Vince Code involves a lot of mind work which is difficult to present on a movie, resulting in insufficient presentation towards the audience to feel the ‘mood’ into the movie. Angels & Demons at least did a greater job in exhibiting the explanation about the work and art which were in the process. Some of them might be explained in a rather fast pace, but for a read-beforehand audience, it is quite understandable and I think those who didn’t at least can follow the path as well. The adventure, this time, is more of arts and searching and plots, which is quite easy to be interpret. Another good thing about this movie is the way audiences get to see cathedrals, chapels and churches. God knows Church ‘somewhere’ is not always that ‘churchy’ because of the less long history in Christian arrival. In the movie, it is just enough to see so many nicely built church, building, built in their belief ways. These are not religion, these are arts. Just see how ancient people can come out with such beautiful architecture and you will wonder what kind of b******* people nowadays built (and call themselves Architect when the building is not even practical nor nice). I spoiled my eyes looking at those places as the slides flashed on.

angels-and-demons-5  angels-and-demons-0

Sound effect is generally quite acceptable, with suitable rhythms used in several incident. I shall say, the best one are those for fast pace, action parts. However, there did have some part where the actual speed is slow but the heart throbbing incident that they used high frequency ones and if you think it from the speed way, it sounds a bit wrong. And there’s one thing, due to the storyline concentrate on the searching of those churches, it requires a lot of running and driving. This make the movie a bit tiresome, but it is what happened in the story! Besides, to depict the rushing and speed, footsteps almost become the theme of the movie. It is used too frequently causing me to thought it was a feet-watching festival. Never mind that, because at least they cut short the not so important ‘on the way’ scene. Well, I do get disappointed by one big part of the movie. That was the part where the anti-matter exploded. From the book, reader will expect the real binding light that covered the whole city. But in the movie, the blinding effect is not too ‘blinding’ and I daresay, those press’s cameras’ lights were even more ‘blinding’ than it. That’s the part I am quite disappointed because if that part can be done properly, then, it will drag the audiences into the film, letting the light to consume not only the Vatican City, but the whole cinema! Another one is the unclearness in showing the Ambigram. One of the specialty of the story of Angels & Demons by Dan Brown is the introduction of the secret society of Illuminati and the Ambigram. However, the ambigram is not shown too clearly through the movie when they were branded on the body – I guess they each lasted only around 2 seconds, if not mistaken.


Another thing is you will soon get used to tunnels in the movie. Undoubtedly, grown-ups used to hide stuff underground. In the movie, most of the secret places were hidden underground and the only way you can access it is a hole where you get to climb in and it led to tunnels. This gave me the thought: Why people hide things in the Earth, not the Sky? Does this lead to the ideology of Heaven and Hell? Or, it is just simply because human still can’t fully conquer the Sky? But mankind did not conquer the Earth too! Anyway, put that aside, this photo shows one of the underground tunnel…

(L to R) Pierfrancesco Favino, Ayelet Zurer, Tom Hanks and David Pasquesi in Columbia Pictures' suspense thriller ANGELS & DEMONS.

Well, in this story, tricks are less but more are philosophical and knowledge. However, I must say that I didn’t regret paying for that ticket because it actually reached satisfactory level for me. But still, I am quite furious at the row behind us, whom I think were not coming to watch movie. Along the movie, they kept talking loudly and criticizing the movie when there really is no need to do so. Sometimes, it’s some of them who don’t understand and I can understand when one of them have to explain what happened due to the Holy religion practice in Vatican City. But, there are still times that the oldness of the Padres and Fathers were just something you won’t sentence in respect, no matter which religion you believe in. Even some small, minute matters, is really not something you discuss aloud in a cinema showing the movie. Sigh, I only hope there will be times when they start to appreciate movie. And hence, this ends my review of the movie.


Vixklen said...

I'm quite disappointed with this movie bcoz they don't feature the last ambigram, the Illuminati Diamond. They replaced it with a sign of two crossing key! =D

Mafer said...

Yes, I am disappointed at the ambigram part. Even the others were not shown clearly. But overall, is better than Da Vinci Code...

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