Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Room and A Plane

Today will be my last day in this semester in Singapore, not to mention the word ‘stuck’ up on this busy yet lonely island because I think it’s time for me to learn treating it more humanely since I can foresee part of my future here. And remember I posted about shifting room from G309 to G307. I thought that will be my only shifting trip for this month and I was totally wrong about that. After being the ‘Yes Man(well, the ‘man’ should be replaced)’ me and Yunlan 允然 (wrote this to remind me how to write her Chinese name)(She’s my roommate during ROCKE period) actually promised to let 6 other people besides me, to put their stuff in during or part of the vacation time. In the end, when I realized it might not be enough space, realizing some people actually stores like a warehouse keeper, I can’t turn any of them away because I had promised to let them put in their stuff. So, promise is a promise, I have the responsibility to ensure they have places to settle down their stuff (sounds like a caretaker) by either asking around for extra room or whatever. The thing is, I am the only person with a confirmed empty room (just because I shifted in the midnight of don’t know when). In the end, all I can do is have my fingers crossed so that my room still can fit all of the stuff when Wen Qing is going to stay there.

Yesterday, the busiest day for people to shift things into G307. Wen Qing shifted her stuff in days ago with one stack of files, a box, few stacks of books and a printer. I thought she has so little things! And now I realized that it should be a good news if someone have little things because as people poured into the room with boxes, files, luggage, I am amazed how much things they have when I seemed to be always the one with many things. Luckily Reuben’s are not much but a few more than Wen Qing, but what’s next is increasing exponentially. I can’t imagine how I can put all those things when I saw it and all I can do is searching spaces (Territory: A Claiming Of Space – is here where I practice the theories?). All of them were in the room arranging and adjusting stuff to make space available. There are some other people who helped out as a result of some people so clever in resource management (misuse of power). In the end, we did managed to squeezed all of our things in one room. The room residents are now Mafer, Yunlan, Zhuangli, Stephanie, Reuben, Wen Qing and Kheng Siang. Until now, only left some of their things to be packed. After that, I will take photos of the ‘situation’ in my room, to see how 7 people is going to store their stuff in G307 in Ke7. My gosh, I realized how many 7 I get from this. If my lucky number is 7, then I must be very very lucky now *giggle*.

In the evening, I will be leaving hall to travel to Senai airport with friends and will go back by the 9pm plane. Still remember I used to like MAS colouring books… haha… I don’t think Air Asia provides colouring book, indeed, even if I board MAS, my age has stopped me from getting one as well. So, what can I do on the plane is sit there lo! Anyway, the flight is not that long and just after some time, I will meet with my family. Mom and Dad and Bro will be there since they are free at that time. Yes, can’t wait to poke Pleasure’s ‘Military Haircuts’ which my friends used to hide it under the NS cap *evil laughter*.

Now that it’s time to go home, my mind flow back to those songs like The Call by Regina Spektor (can’t believe I actually remember the name! Maybe my gene of history memorization is starting to get expressed!) and also This Is Home by (darn, I forgot the name). Added The Call in my playlist at the sidebar, hope you like it! Very suitable when you have to call two places home – NUS and Penang (well, although I am not 100% Penangite).

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