Saturday, May 16, 2009

So… Many Things

Getting lazier and lazier, my mood is now beyond being in a holiday. Don’t ask me how much I ate these few days, because I have no idea how to measure food. One thing I can describe is had you ever had the feeling of feeling bloated or satiated all of the time, and find yourself having something inside your mouth all of the time (when I say something, it means food, not junk). Yes, that’s what I had been doing these few days, travelling here and there to taste good food near my housing area. So far, I had strikeout a lot on my food list.  These are the food that survived a few more seconds before I eat them because I remember to take photos of them… Some others… sorry la, I am too excited to eat until I forgot about taking their photos. These photos are taken using my phone, so it’s not HQ but at least I think I can use them as my tools for 望饼充饥 la ( wonder if the effect will get backfire or not… later become 愈望愈饥 then I also no comment lo…).

12-05-09_1936 12-05-09_1937 12-05-09_1938

Above are Hokkien Mee, Laksa and Poh Pia! I ate almost one laksa in two days, so I guess I must be in trouble… haha… Anyway, no harm eating now than missing eat while in NUS…

 13-05-09_1543 13-05-09_1544 13-05-09_1545

Ais Kacang, Char Koay Teow (can’t believe I tried both pedas dan tidak pedas) and again, Laksa…

16-05-09_0906 16-05-09_0907 08-05-09_2036  08-05-09_203808-05-09_2037 DSCF3062

And some other vegetables and dishes, half-boiled eggs(well, Hall also got this la), Claypot noodles, porridge, mixed vege rice and also Pizza!

 DSCF3066  DSCF3068 DSCF3069 DSCF3070 DSCF3071


And some Japanese food yesterday because Pleasure have to pay back because he caused me to miss a good peaceful lunch due to his eagerness to come back from KMK. Crazy, we have to travel around 2 hours there and 2 hours back just to fetch him back for 1 and a half day! (Well, if it were me, I might do the same *evil*).

Besides, food, there were much more things to do. Had you ever tried to become a couch potato? I tried and I … failed. Yes, I watched a lot of movies and thanks to Astro which always channel super-OLD movies, I was given the opportunity to look back so many movie that I missed. And believe it or not, I was switching channels yesterday and suddenly my ears tweaked as I heard something from one of the channel. It was in French! And I checked the information to know it is named Next!. I watched it. Although the storyline is not too much of my type – romance (can you imagine the whole movie is just about love?), but what I enjoyed was the fact I am listening to French! I can make some words out of the sentences and by looking at the subs. Anyway, after days trying to live on TV and food, I surrendered and went off to do something else.

I tried to use back brushes and find out that my hand needs drilling to draw back. Well, it’s not like how people show in TV about how artist cramp all the papers or throw their half-done work away. It’s more like drawing a lot and a lot until I get back the feel of painting. And I daresay, I still have a long vacation to improve… Maybe I just need the instinct to gain back the feel, a spark of intuition that will make a ‘click’ and the muscles will work as beautifully as it supposed to be. I haven’t start writing stories, goodness, wonder with such rate, when will I finish the first book. I haven’t went back to ‘visit’ school – leave it aside, I prefer to go back with others or during the school hols. Anyway, Canteen Day is held after I went back to NUS, so… sorry la, cannot attend and eat. Played some music and ‘see stars’ when I read Dad’s score… guess I still need to learn a lot. I did done a surprising job in cleaning the dining table… but today, it is piled up again by don’t know what, sigh. Oh yes, I do read some storybooks, haha – not Harry Potter though. Bought a new drawing block yesterday when I shop for books with Pleasure… guess I can waste the papers away these few days.

And I saw a beautiful butterfly outside my house and tried to take photos. But unfortunately, it kept fluttering around, so I leave it as it likes and took two photos of the plants. The money plant (is that a money plant? the crawling type one…) is growing mad, twirling around and is coming into the house… Some other plants (forgive me for not knowing the name, because they all look green to me) grow into forests.

DSCF3064 DSCF3065

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