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Treasure Hunt Booty: Survived Photos

One thing that is so special about my home is the way it  is which makes treasure hunt a possible activity. Things are so many and they were piled up without accordingly with no sense of meaning and most of them are covered with dust that cost me to sneeze with red nose for weeks. Today after lunch at Jusco, realized that J.K. Rowling’s new book : The Tales of Beetle the Bard, cost me 43.40 Ringgit with the size of one of the Spiderwick Chronicles book. When I search for others, found so many books that I missed over the year slacking in NUS. But since it is almost 50 ringgit, Mommy advice me to seek for Daddy’s permission before buying. So, what I can do is wait till weekend before dragging him to the store. Ironically, Mommy bought her books of roses and watercolour paintings that costs double of The Tales of Beetle the Bard. But, what can I say? Mommy buy the books with her own money… I have no money to buy my own – unless Daddy give me, then, it is considered mine!

And I missed Pleasure’s shopping spree for matriculation because I return home to see the floor covered with bags of dailies which he is going to bring there. Seems like now I can meet up friends earlier… Anyway, back to the treasure hunt. Ya, after lunch, after sticking my nose into books, went back to sneeze over the dust, searching for booties. And I realized after the flood I mentioned (the one happened during my Lower 6), almost all the photos spoiled (well, I don’t have too much photos unless those taken by some photo-philic friends), but yet I found some survived photos and is quite happy to scan them over before any other incident that wipes it off permanently.

And there are these:

Things such as group photos after camps. The scanning deteriorates the quality and I really have to peered into it difficultly to roughly guess who is who.

And this is my real first football(soccer) match played in a team during camp. Another one will be the one played on the beach during kayak outing… Below, however, depicts I was chosen to be the ‘ah ma’ in the drama ‘forced’ to be robbed by a robber who is actually one head shorter than me (that time). I really hate those flour, especially when washing it away.

Training Camp photos.

Ahhhh…. last time we used to like everything (now still does – for me). We set up camp fire, cooking backwoodsmen when we have stoves (not in the forest though), played with fire hydrant and hose just to experience and learn the way to put out fire from some professionals, jump down from Mengkuang Dam just to learn abseiling, Slide through ropes from feets above ground just to learn firefox(not the browser), havng lessons about survival in the forest when we didn;t actually get lost in forest until now (wonder if we ever wanted to eat those wild vege and do we ever used the symbols? The codes? We didn’t even get to store our stuff cool under the river bed!), setting up towers from bamboos and newspapers when we get to stay in any hotels or resort, sleep in tent when we have houses, lie down on the classroom floor, wake up in the middle of the night just to listen whether it is ‘Thief’ or ‘Fire’ (There are different solutions for both, and if responded wrongly, the group will be… *evil laughter*), covered in weird smelly powder and make ups just to act as zombie in a hospital, get stung by mosquitoes just to freak juniors as a religion staff, hide in the long jump sand lump just to be a fake cemetery keeper, climb over walls, climb upstairs by rope when we have staircases, learn how to tie knots, learn to sing and dance when I am just not that someone who can, play in dramas or musical just because it is one of the programme in the camp, sleep in the middle of the road just because I am the security guard (and grabbed the chance to make the members go around the school with real oil lamp), emceed with trembling voice when I am really not a good speaker, become usherer, create crazy stuff just to tell the others that our year is crazy, build a square pool in the middle of the field, did physical test which I doubted I ever passed with excellence, cooked for over hundred people when I seldom even cook at home (wonder if the food is really okay), teach in sessions when the audience are actually just one year or few younger than me, starved ourselves just because of preparation for camp, scares back senior whenever we have chance, throw water bombs everywhere when we are living in a rather peaceful country… etc and etc… (so many… I think I had grew long winded  over the years).

Only some class photos survived, sadly…

And I still remember times when I get so tanned and gets permission for not going to school because of those activities. It’s not totally fun, seriously, when you have to return to school everyday to find out how much homework and lessons you have to catch up *especially with some lessons which travels in the speed of light*.

And some photos taken with the whole organization when we are still those playful members that makes seniors worry! One year after this photo is taken, we changed into blazers in the photo and a new team of members came, and we are the one who feels what seniors felt, it’s just a cycle.

Photos in memory of organizing the camps…

Wondrously, this photo that is really really historical and PAST TENSE, still survive the flood, ha!

There are still some others but most are spoiled. So, this is considered some of the remains after the ‘flood’.

For clearer photos, go to the album.

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