Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wedding of a Cousin

Blah, never thought attending a wedding can be se tiring and now I wonder how tired you will be when it is really your wedding. I see, Second Aunt, who will have her daughter married, is so busy and she only has one daughter and a son! I can’t imagine some other auntie who have to repeat the process for times, gosh. Anyway, since I am only guest, I have not much to do but a lot of eating, waiting, shedding tears (the joss stick were killing me) and many other stuff. We start off as the bride’s side dinner guest since it is my Aunt’s daughter what.

These are the people sitting at the same table as me. I can’t manage to get some people like Dad and Mum’s photo because they are too near and refuse to take photos. Most of them are dressed properly, including me! (Although my tingkah laku is always not suitable with my dress *too 粗鲁 XD*). I didn’t manage to get my 5th aunt’s husband because he’s busy going around the tables chasing his daughter which is around 1 year old. Yes, that little tuck is running around in her cotton, laced dressed – with a small ribbon pinned on her rather few hairs. 5th aunt can’t follow the chase as she’s pregnant, well I do think she better don’t run around with that big stomach. 

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Well, since I am at the VIP table row, I get to throw flower petals for the bride as she enters to her husband-to-be, who is waiting in front. Everyone stuff the petals to me, so I get a big bunch in the end. Don’t blame me if the bride is blinded by the petals I threw, because it is a sum of a few people’s supposed-to-throw petals.

Anyway, the dishes are nice and we went through all those usual stuff like greetings and all that. Luckily I was not tricked up stage to be the experiment mice for flower ball throwing. The MCs are a bit crazy, saying that those who gets the ball will get married this year – sweat. Though, my another cousin did get the ball, so I wouldn’t mind attending her wedding, because another cousin’s wedding means another ang pau for next year Chinese New Year! Anyway, mokmok looked brilliant that day. As a bride and with her height that is almost one head taller than me, she definitely shine along the event. Even today, for her exact wedding day, she had to wake up early around 6 to get her hair done and wear her white gown. She looks good in the gown, though, even someone like me say it is nice – so it must be nice, right? Today is mostly waiting for the bridegroom to fetch the bride.

Mokmok has too many ‘sisters’ (as in friends) with crazy ideas. As request, the bridegroom or his ‘brothers’ have to do what the ‘sisters’ requested. Okay, this is the part which I think is a bit bored and a bit waste of time. In the end, the bridegroom sides had eaten burgers with wasabi (Mum says they cried), pay a lot of ang pau, sang a lot a songs, drank a lot of stuff, done a lot of physical punishment such as pumping and answer a lot of question than even me also don’t know how to answer (goodness, marrying is like taking exam nowadays). Anyway, everything sink in and there goes the ceremony for ‘giving tea’. Every elders were to drink some tea and give their wishes to the new couple and of course with ang pau or some gifts la. Bride’s Dad, however, gave the biggest gift. Gosh, other than usual ang pau, he actually let her sign the asset of his company in front of a lawyer today (that’s really a big gift – given that the company is alive). And we have to follow all the way to island because the bridegroom is from island. Mama mia, it is not funny when the marriage is across the sea, because last time fifth aunts situation ended the same when you have to travel so far to find no parking and it is considered long journey and I slept in the car naturally… the dizziness effect is added with the hot weather zzzzzzzz….

After I came back I straight away went into a very very long sleep because of tiredness and I don’t have to attend the other dinner, since Mum and Dad will the the two going. But there goes my dinner which stinks and I have to survive with two kiwis and some junk found on the table…. Anyway, wish the new couple a happy marriage until at world’s end – or even after that?

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