Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yesterday Was Weesak Day

Yesterday I have to wake up early in the morning to prepare to the temple with my family because it’s Weesak Day! We will be eating vegetarian food for half a day and that begins with vegetarian noodle from the stall just outside my housing neighbourhood. As I slurped the noodles, it reminds me of the PGP Vegetarian Food Auntie. Weird it might seems to be, but I dare say, it’s quite sad to lose a vendor like her. Her food is not top of the world, super-healthy kind of food, but overall, she sells the one of best food in PGP. Too bad she went back to hometown and I have to feast on something else.

Anyway, back to Weesak. Yes, I sneezed again once I entered the temple. Although there were no particular joss sticks or whatever in the building, but the scent of those flowers and some ‘perfume’ really beats me down. Not that I hate flowers or perfume, but the amount of the fragrant at that time is too much – really too much *sneeze*. Anyway, I did survived to pray a little and hopped out of the building after Dad, after landing a candle each on the table. We have to wait for Mom and Brother who seemed to have a lot to pray about. We met our uncle who worked as the staff there voluntarily. Oh yes, I did lined up to ‘bathe’ the Buddha. In between, there was a pair of old husband and wife jumped the queue and stand in front me. Well, what can I say? They are old, so, just let it be lah!

Since we had our breakfast late, we didn’t bother to eat the vegetarian food offered by the temple and left the building. It was a scene of traffic jam, if you must ask. Because the temple is built in between on an area or religious building. There are Mosque, Thai temple, Taoist temple, Hindu temple, Buddhist Centre(the one I went) and a Church, all built side to side or adjacent to each other. Imagine what happened when all of the buildings have functions? That’s what happened I think, yesterday. The Hindu temple seemed to have something on as well. In the end, we have to wait for hours before getting our parking place.

The day continues and I will tell about it in other post…. *laugh*

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