Saturday, June 13, 2009

17 Again

Let’s see, if I were to be 17 again, what will happen to me? Not much, I would say. I will go back for National Service with a bunch of Wira and Wirawati who are supposed to be younger than me, and I can just run and jump around the camp just like them. Then, I will enter high school just like others to learn all those stuff ever again – though maybe with a different teacher! You never know until you are the one who has to go through 17 again…. This is a movie we watched that day, quite a quick decision and this time is really with boatmate!

17-again1 Compared to other movie, I have to say 17 again didn’t give any surprise nor any special plot to the audience. In fact, I am quite sad that Zac Efron have to appear on screen for so many times with the same hairstyle. However, it is at least a movie with some meaning in it. It reminds me of a lesson i learned: Live With Your Decision.

Personally, when I watch the movie, I am quite touched with the fact that even when he went back to 17, he still loves his wife. I mean, you are turned back to 17 and you never know if you will turn back! Anyway, the story is quite difficult to tell without spoilers. His friend, Ned, played a big role in adding some humour in it as a Elf fan. Anyway, there were a lot crazy people who are crazy just because they are teenagers. Not a very good-story and exciting movie but definitely one worth watching to feel young again – gosh, I am old enough to experience 17 again… means, I am older than 17, sad. Well, I do have some instinct from it. When you go back to 17, that doesn’t mean you want to change something – maybe you just need to understand something – this point is quite different with a lot of time-travelling story I read before. Most story about travelling to a different timeline suggest that someone to change the past, to change history so that they can change the present in some sense. However, in 17 again, you go back to change nothing but to understand what happened to change your attitude towards the present, see.

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