Thursday, June 18, 2009

BLOOD: The Last Vampire

Shiny spent hours at my dining table, having her ‘burning disc’ meal and succeed in the end. The movie watching group grow from the planned 2 into a 5 people group which fill the car legally. Sorry, Shiny, but we watched 17 again… So, we watched one that is not watched before by any of us – BLOOD: The Last Vampire.


Another horror movie?! Anyway, this is not a horror movie… just a movie with some blood. The story started off well, with some typical opening. However, too bad is the story sent itself into its grave as the story went along to its end. The ending seems to be too rush, not clear and gives people a feeling of ‘huh?’. So, I agree with pH about the ending 草草了事. I am greatly disappointed with this point. Another thing about this movie is the technology. The computer generated scene looked too ‘computer generated’ and make it very very ‘fake’. This happens not only at one scene but a lot. Maybe it is a difficult task but for that aspect, this movie failed to do the best. About characters, I have to say the main actress, which is the last vampire, suits well into her character. Très bien for her! She has the suitable expression for scene and he can fit into the dress of navy to become a school girl character well too. Plot for the movie is not good, counting in the last sentence Onigen said, it is actually a bit meaningful if you look it another way. When she says ‘…be me…’, I sort of feel the other meaning – the replacement. That one is quite classical. Light and Dark never ends. None will win – they must be kept in equilibrium, to ensure the world is safe.

This movie reminds me of another movie I watched one more time that day over the TV – The Seeker: The Dark is Rising… well, I’m not going to talk about another movie in this movie post… that’s all!

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