Monday, June 01, 2009

Following Dad to Queensbay

Last Sunday went to Queensbay, following Dad, since he’s bringing his student there for some kind of funny competition. Dad drove his own old car while I was in Mum’s car. We met Dad in KFC when they were having break and we had lunch in Kim Gary. The competition started off by around 80 schools. After lunch, the competition turned into another section, which is competed by around 30 schools. I got these photos that time. It is quite funny to see 3 schools with the almost same badge – the bell. But I guess they were off the Air Itam ones, Butterworth ones and a Private ones. I can’t see Dad’s school badge – The Rising Sun? Anyway, they were busy doing stuff with tins and stuff.

DSCF3160 DSCF3162DSCF3161

I spent a long time in Borders, as usual, before joining Dad beside the staircases. When we were tired, we went to search for places for rest. Who knows, every places with cosy chairs were taken up. And only found one row of empty ones in Starbucks. Haha, there goes my chance to grab the cup that I missed instead of those greenish goblins I had last time!


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