Friday, June 05, 2009

Inkheart: A Brief Review


Recently finished reading one particular book, despite of so many book I am reading all at once, Inkheart. Initially, this book did not give me any special impression and I did not watch the movie before as well. I noticed this book when I saw the book being put on sale at the front desk of a book store and I had a quick read about its summary. From that minute, I guess, I liked the concept of the book – the theory in which how the magic evolved.

It is about Mo who can bring story to live when he reads aloud. However, he never bring anything with life out of a book until he bring three characters out from the book Inkheart. Inkheart is a story about a man named Capricorn, who has a heart as black as ink. The three characters – Capricorn, Basta and Dustfinger, were brought into this life. Capricorn, hungry of conquering the world, develops his own army to own the world even out of his own story. Dustfinger, the fire-eater, wished to get back into the book. Basta, the usual side-kick, stays with Capricorn. The story went on when they have to fight to reach their own purpose. Mo, Silvertongue, was to read a friend of Capricorn out and that was The Shadow, which is a much more darker character than Capricorn himself. Meggie, Mo’s daughter, later discovers that she also has the ability to read aloud to bring life to a book. In between, they went to meet the book’s author Fenoglio, who rewrites the story to avoid the arrival of another devil to the world. When Meggie was forced to read the story out loud from Inkheart, she read the later version of Inkheart, finished by Fenoglio in his own imprisonment. When The Shadow came to life, he was not The Shadow Capricorn expected. Indeed, The Shadow and other man that had done bad things were destroyed by Meggie reading them according to the story written. Fenoglio was accidentally read into the story. Besides, Resa, Meggie’s mother who was read into the story years ago, was read back by another reader, though without voice. In the end, Dustfinger, Farid, Gwin and the Magpie(Capricorn’s mother) survived the story and were still in this world while Meggie went off with her parents.

The story is quite interesting alongside with the reading. I always liked the part when they started to read aloud, wishing anything to come out alive from the book itself. Each chapter was started with a quote from some other books. This book is really a bit different from other magical book, so I decided to continue reading the next book from this trilogy – InkSpell.

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