Saturday, June 06, 2009

Le Festival Fleur de L’ Île Penang 2009 – Penang Flower Festival 2009

Yesterday, a Saturday, we went across the bridge, to Penang Botanical Garden to visit Penang Flower Festival 2009. There was no serious traffic jam yet, but we do find it difficult to find a parking place. When we finally found a place, the sun was burning hot upon us and we hid into the floral art house instantly. The floral arts should be beautiful and artistic initially, but that day is the second last day of the festival, a lot of the flowers were showing dryness and dying, quite sad.

Floral Arts

And there were the surrounding of the garden. It is decorated with better and cleaner route instead of muddy paths. There were places to rest as well.

Orchids were Mum’s interest. Indeed, there were times when my house garden were buried by these plants. If you say 100 is many, then, my house’s orchids can be considered many. After giving most of it to Aunt, my house still have a whole pile of it. However, the difference these orchid’s were beautiful and is cared by owner. My house’s ones were not cared frequently, but still can produce flower – sometimes I do suspect we have green hands.

This is Drosera derbyensis and it is a carnivorous plant. What?! How come?! How can this tiny plant feed on insects?! Don’t ask me, it is indeed a carnivorous plant, despite its ‘size’. But the longer I look at this plant, more I like its structure. It’s just special!

There are a lot more other carnivorous plants – the usual. I even asked stupidly to Dad when I was taking photographs closely whether they bite if I touch them accidentally. There were some that produced flowers as well, not bad!

Later was the section I liked a lot. It is Bonsai!!! Green green bonsai, that were cute! The only thing I don’t like about bonsai was the lack of freedom given to the plant to grow. But without this, how can it be bonsai, right? Well, to keep a nice tree indoor – instead of letting it grow like a Baobab. the only way is to turn it into a bonsai. Some of them were covered by thin carpet of moss. Bonsai comes in different shape, sizes, plants and etc. Some of them were even smaller than my pencil case, imagine that!

This is the first fruity bonsai I had ever seen in my life. Never thought bonsai can be other than green colour – how lack of creativity am I. Yes, this is a bonsai with red fruits on top. I looked closer to see those fruits that looked like raspberries but without tasting it, I can only conclude that the fruits looked like raspberry. The label says Assorted Tree, so I have no idea what was it.

With a camera, I would like to present the mood of ‘path’!

Another section favoured by Mum – Fu Gui Hua. Compared to my house ones, this one is giant. I wonder how long does it take for my house’s Fu Gui Hua to grow into this big pot – but I rather not to think about that because if the plant grows into that size, Mum will have to take it somewhere else before the space gets limited.

So, my house’s ones is almost the same size as this, though not that fat. When I look at the flower, I really thought it looked like hibiscus. But since hibiscus was in another section, this is definitely not one.

A stall in front selling plants!

Some weird trees with weird fruits and flowers, but commonly seen around there…

The benches, the river (which I actually fished there before using a mineral water bottle during camp) and the hot, hot sun. Beside was the Nature Heritage ‘house’ that exhibits some really useful stuff.

There is a booth that tells about wild creatures like snake, tortoise and some unknown animals. There are a porcupine-look animal (forgive me for forgetting the name), parrots and an eagle! That eagle attracted me a lot. I love eagles! Though this one looked tame and it lose its sharp piercing eyes when we look into the cage. Maybe this is due to long term closure in a cage.

There were exhibits about useful stuff we can get from the forests. One of them were actually used in Chinese medicine that I drank!

Later, we took the tram around the garden, which took us deeper into the ‘forest’. There were forests which were cooler and river. There were mini waterfalls too. We passed through some of the big cages where they keep their plants. Most of them were not cared well and is not in a very neat arrangement. Even the Orchid ones were full of weeds. However, the environment of being inside the cover of trees is really nice. When we passed through the fruit trees section, we can see greenish mangosteen and that reminds me of dying almond/hazel plant back in Singapore botanical. Luckily Penang ones were leafy and healthy!

Undoubtedly, the main point of the trip was this place. PBA has something to do with the dam and waterfall here and I think, reservoir too! And there were indeed mini waterfalls nearby with river.

Of course, when there was a botanical garden, there will be a town council centre where they collect all the nice plants to be decorated along the roads. What I saw was MPPP, no MPSP though.

Can’t stop laughing when I look at this photo. Monkeys are of course the permanent residents in the garden and seeing them sitting and swaying around is really normal. I loved the way the mother carry their child while moving – but what happened today is totally a very funny incident. That incident, cheered up the tram trip a lot. It so happened that there were two tourists whom I think were from Middle East taking photos with their belongings beside, unaware of ‘danger’. There was a monkey crawling towards them and they didn’t know. People in the tram were shouting to tell them but it ended up the monkey took something out (food) from the plastic bag and then sit there happily eating it. The two tourists were really shocked by that, haha! I am very lucky to see the whole thing happen before and after, muahahaha!

Out of botanical garden, there were stalls where flowers and plants were not only arts but business. You get to see nice flower and due to experience, those flowers sold were actually nicer and looked healthier than the exhibits. I tried to persuade Dad to buy me a cactus since I won’t be the one watering it, but Dad said since I am not caring is, there’s no use buying it… sigh. Ah, there is one stall that is about honey and I strolled in just to get a view of the type of bees and hives.

More photos in Picasa Web Album or Facebook!

P.S. really wish to translate into Fr but realized if I did that, this post will probably be up next year. Maybe another shorter post, I guess.


b-chan said...

The Drosera derbyensis (a kind of sundew) relies on its sticky glandular hairs on its leaves to trap insects. The edges of its leaf will roll up slowly and the numerous hairs will enclose any insect that has fallen for its nectar.

Because their glandular leaf hair glistens like dew under the sun, they are thus called sundew. :)Nice pictures btw~~

Mafer said...

hehe... i realized the post is very long...:P
I like sundew!

Anonymous said...

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