Saturday, June 27, 2009

When Room Becomes Store Room

Just as I mentioned earlier that my room is used as a ‘collection point’ for several people. To date, it had been around 8 people putting in this single room that is even smaller than my own room at home. What’s more is Wen Qing is actually staying in it and now is resided by three of us: Wen Qing, yunlan and me. It is not what is planned but Wen Qing registration to residence is suddenly cancelled/postponed and we have to stay harmonically together here… Now, the situation is better as in some stuff had been removed since their owner went back to take them to their own room.


Notice that the table is still empty but now it was full with our stuff since we were putting things we use frequently there so that it is easily accessed. And the walkway now is filled with boxes and baskets. Now it is filled with a mattress which extend to under the table.


Now, there were 3 sets of pillows used by each of us. But when Wen Qing stayed here initially, the pillows and blankets were just so many that she described the bed and her sleep as ‘feel so comfortable to sleep with so many pillows surrounding you’.


The space between my shelf and my wardrobe is a place where we ‘throw’ uncategorized things and laundry baskets and brooms and etc. You can see what printer box was used for when you shift room. In side the wardrobe will have clothes and books. Yes, we are too desperate until we squeezed books into the wardrobe and small spaces at the top. For the right wardrobe, we store around 5 huge luggage and some plastic bags plus a bit of scattered around ‘junks’.

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Just a reminder for freshies that this shelf is not provided in usual single room. This is a special shelf that you only can obtain when you asked for it and you joined hallplay last annual year. And we are now making full use of it by putting all out things on it such as food, most of my textbooks, a volleyball, water bottles and iron.

 n590130718_2594981_7343107 n590130718_2594973_8154

When it comes to storing things, this 6-square is also a good spot. I moved all my paper stacks into the top middle square – including my first-aid box. The top right remained to have some tea leaves while the other space were given to storage. It is filled in with other people’s books and printers. Just look at the picture and you can count at least how many printers were there, and that’s when there is still mine down there on the table. Some printers were stacked on top of the squares and there’s Reuben’s humungous plastic bag which I suspected him to squeeze every single thing he had in without arranging them. That plastic bag looked scary since it seemed to fall any moment. However, until it is taken down, there is no injury and no falling record yet.

This is what you call a room? I am quite proud to know how much my room can do and I dare say, I love this room! G307, Yay!!!

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