Saturday, July 18, 2009

2 Movies Watched…

Felt quite unbalanced when you watched two movie that is so ‘girl’-ly side by side. But I still survive and would like to say a word or two about them. I still remember my post about ways I used to watch movie, but these are times when I finally learned to watch movie properly. It’s not easy to watch movie properly where you need to take out some time for it.


First, let us talk about Confession of A Shopaholic. The movie is really like a confession of a shopaholic but the shopaholic part is not too extreme.


Next is this Devil Wears Prada. Not much message passed on, and I daresay, the impression is not very deep and good. Don’t know why, I am just so bad at watching such movie… maybe I should concentrate watching adult’s-co-called-kid’s movie.

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