Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Journal of a Royal Ambassador

After days and weeks of preparation, the orientation has ended, in a rather acceptable way. But today, I am not going to talk about how is the programme or how is the activities during the orientation. This page, will be fully dedicated to all my feelings, my review and my opinion, towards the organization – an organization that is supposed to bring out the standard as a university student organization. Yes, I am usually feelingless, emotionless and I work alone – because I am Voldemort – but Tom Riddle does have feelings, just that no one understand him.

Anyway, I start off now. This event had made me take my hat off, giving full respect to all dedicated videographer. I never knew how much they had to sacrifice to capture some simple event. All I knew was photographer for supper will never get to have enough supper. But being a videographer for an orientation – for KEWOC – indirectly, you took one step out of the committee, because you can’t do most of the things KEWOC members usually does. I decided to join KEWOC because I wanted to be an OGL, I wanted to give the freshmen a sense of belonging into the hall, I want to bring them happiness and find King Edward VII Hall their second home. And of course, I wish to show how proud I am as a KEVIIan for almost one year here. But the moment I saw my name appears on the slide in the field of videographer – alone, I knew all those dreams were just something I can leave for dreams… I guess, maybe this is why I started to indulge myself in all the dry runs. I know, that’s the only period of time I can fully experience ‘in some way’ as a KEWOC member. Despite of departmental work, I tried my best to learn all the things I never thought I will ever touch. Before this, I never thought I will use all the programmes that seriously. Videographer, is just like something I never thought of, given the fact I never was in publication during secondary or high school. So, within the few weeks, I had to equipped myself as many basics of video as I can – no matter how ‘out-of-mind’ it seemed to me.

During orientation, I experienced what had been the greatest challenge. I always thought I am anti-social and invisible enough all the time, but behind the video camera, I am totally invisible, just like how you got under the Invisibility Cloak. With this, it indicates I can’t sing Hall Songs, I can’t cheer, (in addition of not being an OGL) I can’t support my group, I can’t cheer for my own block, I can’t join in the run and worst, I can’t movie as much as I can. With that bulky camera around, the weight is not something funny. It may seems to be light when you first carry it, but when you had been handling it for days and nights, your arms will just surrender. Since I am not tall enough to shoot video from top, I always have to stretch and tip toe around the crowd to shoot. This results in pain and swollen muscles of arms and shoulder. The pain is not thorough or severely, yet it gives you the sensation of ‘if you keep on using this arm, it will drop off any moment’. That happened during the night outing in WCP, where during SP session, my arms are starting to become rubbery. It’s not some pleasant feeling of course, and in the end I have to handle the camera with another arm for the rest of the orientation (luckily I am almost a ambidextrous). Yes, and thanks for encouragement from someone who says it was a good training for arm muscle for batting, pitching and throwing (maybe it does… I dunno).

Besides running around with that bulky box, my work never ends there. When night came, everyone started to snore happily or started to do some ending parts of their job, my another job started. I have to capture anything I get on that day. If got time, I usually have to capture the video into computer right after event so that I can get more tape time for the next event. Funny how grown-ups think when they wanted the event being recorded but the equipment they provided can only film 60 minutes. I have no idea how is the latest technology but the one in hall is so special that you still have to wait 60 minutes to capture 60 minutes. After that, you still need to edit it to cut out some unwanted parts. When the wire is not doing its job well, this can go up to late at night (lucky for me though, latest only 4 to 5 in the morning).

On the other hand, I was assigned some other jobs as well. When the workload seems small, people tends to gives you a lot. This was what happened. I was assigned to draw a map indicating a treasure hidden beside the tennis court. Actually is part of the Publicity Department was assigned and they were given other job as well. Yes, the map was drawn in different interpretation of  King Edward VII Hall and in a much more ancient timeline theme. After drawing and editing, it was photocopied and the carbon versions were soaked into coffee. Thanks to Marketing Department, I was bombarded with packets of Indocafe 3 in 1 to brew for the whole day, enveloping the whole pantry with thick coffee smell. Time were spent on soaking the paper in, spreading them, adding coffee, drying and fast-drying. And in the end, I don’t even have a copy of it (I’m still in the progress of searching for its remains – now, I got the original version, without coffee though). Besides, I have to draw the zoom in and zoom zoom in version of the map on mahjong paper. After that, I have closing ceremony slide show to complete as well. At the same time, I have to video for Twilight Mystery, come out with story and plan the whole programmed with Reuben and Eddie, which is quite a headache because each of us had quite ‘reasonable’ workload besides that.

Now, go back to not being an OGL… It’s quite sad to know that you were selected into a group which is, in other words, saikang warriors. It was named the Operation Team. When it says Operation Team, it might feels like it is a team with tens or thousands of people in it – but, it’s just a team of 4 to 5 people. When other people were happily eating with their OG, we have our ‘special’ table behind. In fact, I am quite happy I don’t have to spend too much time at the table since I have monitor the video-capturing whenever I can. I thought it might be fun if I can ever crash into any OG to have some fun. Indeed, I did crashed Sea-Mee on the first day during Ice-Breakers. But after that, I M POSSIBLE became IMPOSSIBLE. When there’s something that’s interesting, I must be there, not to have fun, but to capture the moment of fun. Thanks to inventors, I don’t need to capture the moments in slides of paintings, but a box. Here, I would like to tell all those who had been OGLs during the orientation, you are really really very lucky. Being an OGL, you might find difficulties in communicating with the members, you might find difference between each members, you might find how you can’t manage the whole group, you might feel irritated with all the questions they always asked you, you might feel poor after your phone credit drops to zero because you have to call them, you might be stress because your OG is not active enough, you might feel like the responsibility is so great – but, at least, you belongs to an OG. The sense of belonging to an OG is so precious that, it can be a moral support along the orientation, even after that. When you are assigned an OG, you are given an identity – no more a Hall Spirit, roaming around the hall haunting people – can you imagine how lucky you are? Ironically, I am given the identity which I interact with video cameras, computer screen, keyboards, phones, laptops, frames, timelines, audios and etc for the four long days. If you ask me, I will tell you, over the four days, OGL will feel how much they spent with their OG and how they missed their OG after that. But for me, I have no feelings at all. All I feel is, gosh, orientation is over and I haven’t sing Hall song, I haven’t play with freshmen, I haven’t cheer my lung out, I haven’t run around hall crazily, I haven’t know anything else out of my work scope – I am just a technical man, time to take videos, I take; time for editing, I edit; done, then I can stop work; next day, I start the same cycle again… That’s all…

This time, the organization is yet, not the worst I had seen – but is the worst I had seen among the university community. It has nothing to do what is the result, but the process. Everyone have different working style, to merge the working style, communication is one of the best ways – but people just ignored that. Everyone have their own mindset, but by sharing them, you will discover a better mindset. Never bring back all past impression when it is a different issue, but not much people can do that. Try to understand others and see from their point of view, but people just think that’s odd. Put aside the current answer and question the existence of other ‘impossibility’, but people will say you read too much Harry Potter. Sometimes, try to step back one step, so that all of us can move forward together, but people are just too stubborn. Stop flashing back how glory is your past and look forward, but people are just too foolish to stop that. During certain moments, emotion controlling is quite important, but some people are too weak for that. Sometimes, you really need to stop complaining and try to go the reasonable way, but people are just too proud to do that. Sometimes, you just need some discipline and one month work can be done in one week, but some people just feel their time is too much… If you want to talk about this, I will say until dawn yet still unfinished. Hence, here goes the journal…


smile said...

Wow, new blogskin! Haven't been here in ages XD very nice leh ((:

And wow, what a *ahem-don't-know-what-to-call-it* experience! )): nevermind, you know you can always talk to me until dawn :D ya lah both of us are those kind of people whom people think we've a light workload so will give us more things to do -____- remember that Monday when we were both doing up our own videos? Ohwell, it's okay! Take care, rest more and be happy ((: cya around hall <3

Jumpa lagi!

Mafer said...

haha... i still remember that day! I like the video... is it up?

smile said...

Yayy yup, on Facebook and YouTube haha (: