Monday, July 20, 2009

Life Science Grouping

Today, received msn from Cando to know that the Life Science Year 2 grouping is out and can know through checking NUS Webmail. Checked the full-of-something-not-very-concerning-me mailbox, found that I was put into the group taking compulsory LSM2103 and ST2238 modules. The first thing I felt was good-bye my planned modules. Yes, I planned to clear my Physics module this coming semester and I decided that in the hope that when I touch back Physics, I wanted to learn something I like. I browsed through the timetable beforehand and find one of the Einstein’s module rather interesting. However, the fact that I was put into this group is a total contrast to that. Therefore, I need something else – an antidote.

I even thought of appeal for changing group just because of that. Now, flashing back the memory, wow, I am quite desperate. Anyway, after some time, I re-enter the site to check what else can I do to fit something into my timetable. And there it is! I found another Physics module which teach us how human actually use Physics and its discovery to live until now. Inside the module, there’s one very interesting chapter that actually caught my attention – The Big Bang Cosmology!!! Hooray, and it fits into my timetable very very well. Yes, I started to sense how the Path show Its way…

However, so far, didn’t hear much people getting the same group as me. Yes, I guess my lonely life on this island goes on and it is infectious plus continuous… all the way towards Year 2! But when I look back, isn’t that what it’s like to be like Severus Snape and Tom Riddle? Yup, working alone is no big deal. It’s time to moult a Greater Me. This is, like how Dumbledore said, for the better good. *Blah* My passage is going back to magicky. Anyway, I really do feel this the way it is meant to be. Afterall, it was not the first time I took a module all by myself. I can still remember how I enter those Lecture theatres and know no one in it, including the lecturer. I can still remember how I am the left out ones when we are supposed top find and form into groups for projects. I can still remember how I sat at the corner seat in every lecture and tutorial *can’t believe I did the same thing in RP, maybe this is just the real me, anti=social as it can be*. I can still remember asking along the corridor at strangers to find the classrooms. I guess, after all these trainings, I will be as Snapy as possible, haha.

Oh yes, another thing I realized in my timetable is… I still can’t escape from the fate of running along the street catching A1 or A2 buses because my class is between Science Fac and Arts Fac continuously. It’s quite tiring to run like that but what can I do? I have no idea how many semester should I need to run like that. If ever someone spot a nerd running along the street catching for buses – there are certain chance that it is me. This year, it will be purely for French. Alor, bon voyage!!!


Zhuangli said...

Hey, don't worry ya... I believer every option has its way, like what you said in your blog. Actually I have prepared mentally for an alternative plan.. but I really thank for getting the modules according to my plan.

at the moment, I still know more ppl got your group instead of mine... -,-

Don't worry, I will still meet you during ST2238 lecture =D

Jia you!

meteor said...

I have three compulsories: LSM2101, 2102 and ST2238 :(

Also messed up my arrangements >_<

Mafer said...


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