Friday, August 07, 2009

Changi Airport: Birth of Drama Talents

The main event is to send off Kelvin, who is going for a week trip to ASEAN camp in Japan. And as KEWOC and his friends, we decided to accompany him to the airport, at the same time, to have some funny time visiting that particular venue. What actually happened was we spent our time taking photos around.

Another pose…

We had dinner there, where I spotted one of t he stall selling some BBQ stuff, which looks like Indonesian panggang in Engineering Canteen. The rice is in small portion but the taste is not bad, and plus the whole dish comes with a bowl of soup as well. Besides, I had myself a cup of honeydew melon juice and a desert.

DSCF3796 DSCF3798

Stephanie, on the other hand, seriously operating the camera, showing her great interest in taking photos. Meanwhile, some of us are having time examining the yens Kelvin showed us. Will you have the same expression when you are given Galleons, Sickles and Knuts?


Later, we headed towards the Departure Hall and we were presented with the ceilings, environment and of course certain crowds. I spotted a few chocolate shop somewhere…

DSCF3810 DSCF3816  DSCF3822

And after so many photos of us, you may face difficulties in recognizing who’s the person who is actually heading off to Japan. And here it is, Kelvin… The fact that he’s acting cute here reminds me he’s going to a country where their animé characters like to act cute as well, what a coincident eh?

What happened next, of course, was another photo session and this is the girls (oops, except Kelvin of course)!

The boys… It reminds me of how characters in animé posing again, goodness…

And all of us!

However, at the same time, something that fits my blog title appeared. This is the dramatic moment and I have to admit I really laughing my head at first but after some time, I joined in the drama, which ended up like this. We  were wondering whether the security will hunt us down making all these chaos in the hall…

Here we can see a lot of Drama talents just among the few of us… Seems like our hall culture committee don’t need to worry about lack of talent… haha!

   You can see clearly, after a lot of movie shooting experiences, Gavin can act quite well with the tissue. This is quite exaggerated as Kelvin is actually leaving for around one week…


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