Friday, August 07, 2009

IMM: A Mart That Sell Stuff

One of the free day, we went to IMM. This is the first time I went to IMM. Hence, this is the definition of IMM, IMM is a place or a mart that sell things. It is just like any other mart, air-conditioned, filled with food stalls, filled with shops and etc.


And in here, I grabbed the first McDonalds in weeks! Hence, here are the photos to keep a memory of it.

 DSCF3836 DSCF3837DSCF3832

Other than that, Stephanie and Zhuangli had definitely bought a lot of things and ended up carrying big and small plastic bags. This is indeed not very environmental friendly.

DSCF3848 DSCF3847

These are photos where I caught someone J walking across the road and I shall say, this reminds me of Raja Uda street where J Walking is a way of life. Another one depicts Stephanie happily eating the bread she just bought from one of the bakery.



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