Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kreativ Blog Award

Quite surprised when Siang Chia stopped by and dropped a small notes in my chat box about this award. I saw that on her sister’s blog and now I was honoured to receive such award as well, thanks!

The Kreativ Blogger Award comes with some rules:
1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who has nominated you for the award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on which of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated.

Let’s do it according to the numbers, easy. Thanks Siang Chia for giving this award. Siang Chia, a person who was in the same class as me for all of our primary school years, yet, we don’t know each other that time. She is one of the top, obedient and intelligent girl; and I am the student who sat at the back. I think, that’s why we never actually know each other except of each other’s name. Even after secondary school, we never actually met until upper secondary, when we were in the same class again. Thanks to Yi Han, we know each other more… still remember how I used to scare Yi Han off while you are advising me not to do that, haha. During High School, Yi Han left and Siang Chia was again not the same class as me. Though, we still spend times together at certain times. During upper 6, school breaks its record by pulling few of us into her class, and there’s where we ended our high school education. Siang Chia, a very nice person, thanks for everything… especially the friendship you gave! Her blog is one of the blog that writes a lot of emotional stuff, a very opposite of mine…

Next, the logo is placed upon…


1. Siang Chia

I can’t say anything but to send the first prize to Siang Chia again. Her blog is one of the blog in which the author really pour out most of the feelings, directly or indirectly. I guess, she really had made full use of it. By reading it, no matter how far we are apart, I can still hear her voice, clearly in my mind. Thanks for all the posts that really make me feel back at home, where I can still know what happened to you!

2. Siang Ing

The way we met is pretty weird. But no matter, we used to have the same nickname, remember? Her blog tells a lot about her life and her education, abroad. By reading her blog, you can get all kinds of information, really. I likes the photos there as well! She’s one of the blogger who blogged about food a lot…

3. Sye Nee

This blog is almost dead, but when it is alive, it contains something really important of this girl’s life. She didn’t blog much, but yet, when she blog, she will usually put all her excitement in. An all-chinese blog, talking about her craziness towards loads of stuff… This blog continues somewhere in Facebook but not sure how to paste the links in… Anyway, inside the blog, we see the true Sye Nee, haha!

4. Pleasure

Don’t think he will reply in a while, since his whole college was quarantined because of a confirmed H1N1 case in his campus. Anyway, he started the blog because he felt bored. In his blog, it is quite incredible to realize my own brother is not writing in kindergarten English anymore. Yeah, we both grow up. Basically, he blogged what he had done when he was back at home, including his ‘sorrow’ when he knew he was sent to a NS camp situated 5 minutes ride from Thailand, some funny videos, a lot of pianos, some result, some car-driving experiences and also some nice food outing with family just to get me calling back to complain so that I can go when I go back…

5. Heather

Someone whom, I know her, she knows me, but we don’t know each other until high school. I know her because she’s a brilliant student in school; she knows me because I am one of the prefects who always walk into the classroom to ask them out of the classroom during recess. Until Upper 6, that’s when we knew each other more. Her blog, is something I can’t describe using words. Sometimes, the posts can go very emotional, sometimes, it is something about what happened to her. Happy to read them though…

6. KhayShi

Another blog that spammed my feeds everyday. She blogs a lot and even for a very tiny little things. She is a very funny person and cheerful too. She may say she’s very auntie, but yea, sometimes she does. I loved her blog because that’s a very good site to read about someone, every little things that happens to someone that create so many effects and emotions. That’s really beyond wonderful. She travels a lot as well, which explains a lot of those nice catchy photos…

7. Wen Qing

Okay, if you are a very greeny person, this is the blog that you should go. With loads of photos and information about nature, Wen Qing brings out the beauty of nature with a lot of effort in labelling, explaining and etc. These help us to know more about the creatures, the plants and all. Another thing I would say is I really really like the photos inside as they are superb and I got one of the photo in my room!

Let’s see, person whom I think their blogs are great are too much. So… why not? Rules are meant to be broken, see. Now, Carmen who blogged a lot of cheerful stuff which makes me smile. Christina blogs a lot about her days and nights. Kelvin who has nice blog with good stories and photos. Priscillia who pour out her emotion as though she’s Ginny writing into Riddle’s Diary. Reuben who blogged more on some you-seriously-can’t-do-anything-but-to-shake-your-head-and-sigh-in-disappontment politics than his own business (I can see how much ‘打击’he had been through…). Zhuangli who shows a lot of faith to her religion, which is a very good moral support to her.

And hence, I end the nominations…


~ Siang chia ~ said...

mafer, thx for the award!
so happy to receive it by early in this morning.
It surely makes my life cheers today^^
yes, i like what u said, i pour my feeling directly and indirectly, mayb only the person who really know me (like you) can see through it, or understand it.

Anyway, thx again.
And wish you hav a wonderful Monday!
Miss ya :)

smile said...

Haha thanks a lot! :D I'll follow the instructions when I've the time ((: see you in hall very soon; school starting alreadyyyy XD