Sunday, August 23, 2009

School Bags

After my emergency spare backpack announced its retirement that day when I went for lunch with friends, I realized I need a backpack. Stephanie agreed that I am good at sewing bags because all my bags have stitches. This is due to the creaks formed when I am having heavy things in my backpack, poor bag…

This is my newer bag and its usual ‘injury’ is at the strap there, behind where the shoulder should be. And these are the stitches. One thing bad about stitches is that they were not meant to be on a backpack, hence, they are quite fragile. Once a while, I have to re-sew the stitches and each time, it takes in another half centimeter of canvas of the bag. In the end, you just can’t hold too much and that’s why you ended up with some pins…

DSCF3996 DSCF3997

An example of a good stitch and a loosen stitch (one on each side, ha!).

 DSCF3998 DSCF3999

This is, however, my older school bag. I had it since secondary. It has no problem at all at the strap, but the joint part of ‘cloth’ near the end of the strap and the bottom of the bag. It is half-transparent at the bottom due to loosen threads. I like the stitches still…


And what happened that day is this plastic broke off. This is something you can’t mend with stitches. I spent the rest of the day slinging a bag with the knot shown at the second photo. Simple knot, but survived the weight, not bad.

 DSCF4001 DSCF4002

Although the two bags still can survive if I want them to, I do wish I can give them a rest. I never know what day they will strike their job, so today Stephanie went to Giant to check for FST project, I tagged along and got myself one at 24.89 dollars. At first, I am quite sad because what a big amount of money. But Papa says it’s just in case my old bags can’t take it anymore. I still keep the old bags though, maybe I can use them when I am carrying lighter stuff…


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