Friday, September 25, 2009

NVAC Bonding Session – Full Tummy Day

On Tuesday, is a busy yet FULL day, because not only my whole day is dedicated to entertainments and CCAs, but I came back with a full tummy. Morning ended up having some light reading in library but was cancelled because I was forced to fill and print all my study plan to be endorsed. These includes several phone calls and E-mails to the coordinator. After the whole morning, I had lunch with Stephanie in Science Canteen. Right after that, went off to NUH for NVAC meeting. However, due to the last minute change of time for my initial study plan endorsement, I have to leave at 1.30 pm just to meet the coordinator. Then, the whole effort is sent to ashes since she refused to sign in – saying my result too bad for that. Good now, I flunk my stats CA, my whole day study, my other day plans to do these things and now I am rejected. No matter, at least I had tried my best in the extent of applying… So, after that, accompanied Michelle for lunch in Science canteen again. Eaten one whole bowl of ice, again.

When I walk back to NUH, the meeting ended. Oh, nice, now I came too late. Who knows, they are having a Yam Cha session in NUH for that evening. My tummy surrendered, blah! After that we set off to Settlers. It was situated in SMU. Yup, now I know why SMU’s so expensive…


We had board games, some ended up yawning, some ended up with the whole corridor filled with our shouts… And this is the menu:


and these are the board games:

The four boxes contains some evil and you can see how we frowned at our first task, hmph!


And this is the noisy game when you get to sneak bones… Though, due to too exciting the game, the card’s condition is in terrible condition…


Okay, while in there, that includes some drinks and finger foods. After that, we had a real full dinner in Plaza Singapura, which results in me not being able to eat Hall dinner… (Well, ha, I chose to skip hall food myself!). Thanks to Alicia for the photos, I transferred them into a online host here. However, aside from fun, we had to come back facing our workload, which is not at all pleasant, given all those SOPs and designs…

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