Sunday, September 06, 2009

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List 5 things that you want,and 5 things that you wish to happen,no repeating:
1. Anything good (is it too greedy?)
2. Family (including Pink Bear - BB, Doraemon and Chip!)
3. Career as a Great Scientist
4. CAP 5.0 (if this really happens, then, this tag is really POWERFUL, muahahaha)
5. Mansions just like I wanted it to be (and remember to fill one of the chamber with books and stuff!)

5 things to happen?
1. PEACE to Earth
2. No more threats to Earth
3. Everyone happy forever (Well, you gotta be sad sometimes to appreciate the happiness)
4. I want everything happen when I want them to be (Haha! If that really happens...)
5. Life is still Life

Haha… my dream is broad enough to cover so many things…

Do tag at least 5 people for your dream come true.
Tag 5 blogger:
1. Siang Chia – for tagging me 
2. Heather – since she will be answering this anyway 
3. Any of you
4. YOU
5.  Aiya… those who are free and have nothing to do better – can just do it

Wish all your dreams will come true!

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