Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Raya and Moon Cake Come Together

Well, this is an event last week, if I did not mistook the date. Yes, it all started with Lydia’s e-mail about a Raya Lunch at her house and we were actually surprised when we knew each other was in the same course, same group, same class… That just says too much about how Life Sciences are… Anyway, yea, I took quite a long journey, by travelling from school to her house near Admiralty Station. Thanks to, I am able to plan my journey well and yes, I did reach there quite safely and early. And that’s when the moon cakes came in. I was just buying drinks from a 7-11 stall when I noticed crowd near one bakery and curiosity obviously brought me there. They were selling all kinds of moon cakes at 2, 3, 4 dollars!!! Gosh, how can I miss it? I phoned back to check if it is really reasonable for a moon cake price (seriously, Mummy is the one buying all the time) and yes, I bought back 2 double yolk moon cakes with 3 dollars each.

And then, I walked towards the neighbourhood to find the Block, which taught me a lesson of always make sure where the Blocks are before patrolling around. I took quite some time to find this building because it is not in order…


Anyway, I found her house and was invited in by her and there I knew another Jux10 people, Thomas. Xiuling is late because she woke up late, phew… We were bombarded with all the colourful cookies and cakes. Thomas was tasting each and every of them, plus examining them real carefully. They got a real nice Muruku, reminding me of the one Mummy bought from her colleague. And there were the heart-shaped chocolates made by Lydia, really nice. The house was well decorated and neat. This was the first time I was in HDB! (though, is Aunt Emily’s HDB? her house is built on land though – no idea how to differentiate, anyway, they are all houses).


After some waiting, Xiu Ling came with Derrick, another Jux10 people. And Lydia’s sec and JC friend poured in as well. We had our lunch, with nice nice nice home cooked food. Mak Cik certainly can cook real well as we experienced the delicious chicken curry where the meat was so fresh and all we say was GOOD! Ironically, there’s another dish from Lydia, the fried chicken with some ginger. None of us dare to touch that at first because we suspected it will be a total contrast of Mak Cik’s. But it turned out quite nice.


And we had the butter rice, which is something hall canteen didn’t provide yet. Besides that was the shrimp plus flavoured beehoon, which is really appetizing. Mak Cik even taught us how to cook the butter rice… Sounds easy, but hands on… let’s see if I can do it la.


Well, we can’t ignore the healthy greeny vegetables! We had a Malay style salad, which was greens, eggs, tomatoes and chilli sauce. It is supposed to be the sambal, if you were in Malaysia, but seemed it varies in Singapore. But it is also very nice because of the freshness of veges, love it!


Haha, after that, was none other than photo taking. Well, Lydia looked really pretty in Baju Kurung and her friends all looked smart in their Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu. Looks like I am a bit out of theme as I wore tees and trousers, blah… This session includes a room visit to Lydia’s room, of course, which is filled with romance novels, and several stuff – but still look neat (what happened to my room, then?)


And we had time and I left early to went back hall. And at night, after dinner and hours, I contacted those who are reachable – to share my moon cakes. Loads of them donated their moon cakes or food to me along the way and this is the time I can give back, happy! Yup… as usual, these two people likes photos a lot. And the moon cakes were finished by Zhuangli, Stephanie, Carmen, Sharlene, YunLan, Elaine and Christina (who ate a bit later). Don’t worry, they didn’t visit my room all at once, or my room will explode.

Close view of the moon cakes:

More photos here.

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