Saturday, October 03, 2009

IFG 09/10 – A Miracle for Science Volleyball

For two consecutive weekend, we turned up for the IFG and got a serious sun burn for the first one. Signed up for the volleyball game, I joined in the game. Not playing the main part but I do love the moment we had together despite how we never knew the existence of each other at the first place. Imagine how we came about and finally knew each other, not very deep into the heart – but at least now we know the existence of each other. This is the photo of the first session where we played the preliminary. Other players are just so good and I can see how much I can still improve…


It is just enough to look how they play. Spiking is not the limit, serving is the the problem, digging is not the useless ones…. our team members are just so good and skilled…


Until we qualified ourselves into Semi-finals in the second week. Our match were delayed and moved indoor because of the bad weather. Inside the MPSH, it just added more feel to the game. Our team played better than last week and we walked all along towards Champion, beating teams even though the score looks very heart-attacking. In the end, we still own back the gold…

Here is the NUS Cheerleading by the new juniors. This is their first performance and one of our players is in there. For a first-timer, it is considered not bad.


At the same time, floorball is having their match at the same location as us. Hence, our game is some sort of intermingled and we got to watch loads of floorball games, male and female. It is just so exciting because they were in semis and finals. Science Floorball gets good result as well.


And this is the prize. Yes, we got a gold medal for each of us…

DSCF4301 DSCF4302

And we won the cup for Volleyball for Science Fac as well. What’s more is the male team had also won a gold for Volleyball. So, Science Fac Volley is just so COOL!!!

More photos here.

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