Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple Moon Cake Festival with CLHS SSA

Since we were alternating between NUS and NTU each year, this year CLHS SSA Moon Cake Festival Celebration, was held in NUS. Every year, when the president is in one of the school, the event will be held in another one. Hence, as usual, the speeches were about thanking the host school’s students’ help. It was held in PGP BBQ pit and we had dinner first ( I totally underestimated the dinner and had mine before hand, too bad…). As some of us still have loads of work to do, a lot of us did not attend or attend half of it (even I was late, hmph). I took some food but drank loads of desert, which was sea coconut with agar – nice!

Later, we were invited to another BBQ pit for moon cakes. On the table were 6 types of moon cakes and I tasted some! At the side was the riddle-guessing lanterns.

DSCF4366 DSCF4367

This is what happened to the lanterns… They were beyond our IQ, really. We can’t really guess and it is really really too difficult. I was just reading those blocks of characters but can’t figure out most of the riddle! In the end, we were given hint for the riddle though… At the same time, we were more interested in eating the moon cakes and also drinking Chang Jian’s idea of drinking Chinese Tea – Tie Guan Ying – so traditional…


Anyway, since the attendance was so low, we got loads of leftovers and I got a free better quality moon cake which was sponsored by our advisor a.k.a our alumni a.k.a a professor in NTU. It’s so kind of him to care us so much for so many events and we were revealed that the centre for Chung Ling alumni in Singapore were bought with the price of 700,000 SD – wa! It was folds of my own house back in Penang, aiyo!

 DSCF4369 DSCF4370

And another thing is meeting with really senior seniors. One who had just stepped out to the working world. Although he’s from engineering, I do learned a lot about working in Singapore from what he had described. Another one is two ex-CLHS student who came to study in Singapore since Sec 3, graduated RJ and now in NUS. I wondered how they ever found out about these two people, weird. Anyway, Thanks for the moon cakes!!! No lantern carrying around school this time… *shrug*

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