Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just a Blast

In the midst of exams and deadlines,
everything seems so unclear,
nothing is absolute,
except the test,
the task I need to complete.
At the same time, a lot of work is chasing behind.
Inside the eyes of children,
do they see all these?
As life goes on,
things change,
the perspective towards life,
has also changed.
Is it because I an no more be a child that
I started to see things so differently?
I feel like I am like a kid,
and I wish I still am.
being grown-ups are too pathetic,
they considered some stupid things,
their glory.
They started to lose,
the ability,
of seeing things,
hearing things,
feeling things.
They forgot their childhood dreams (well, most of them),
they forgot  about their true self,
they missed the true meaning of life-
the life that will be much more better if they search back the path they wanted to walk,
back when they can see things as a child.
Stuck within,
grown-ups don’t understand me,
all -
except my parents.
In grown-ups’ eyes,
they are always the right one.
When you have some difference from them,
you are the out casted ones,
you are the abnormalities,
they find a lot of reason to-
prove that we are the odd one out.
I wish I will always have exams.
Floating inside the sea of tiredness, craziness and buzy-ness,
at least,
I see some hope,
and I can work hard to battle for it.
That was the time when,
I can ignore anything outside my world,
although I had been ignoring others all the time.
to me,
full of hope,
full of energy,
full of enthusiasm,
deadly it seems to be,
but that was this sensation that give me the sensation.

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