Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Smile ~ A Meaningful Drawing

This was drawn by me on last Friday night when I just finished my French test and it was the last day of term, except finals that are chasing me behind. Within the business, within the tiredness – a short break, which is the short few hours between Friday night till the next day – the start of Reading week, I decided to do something I haven’t done for long – drawing – really sit down, get the feeling – and just draw! I wondered what topic should it be, and I remembered the cute collection from Xifei and I referred to a photo and came out with this one. It doesn’t look exactly the same but at least the drawing brought out the feeling I wanted it to. I named it smile – because it is smile! When I drew it, I was smiling. It’s a giggle, it’s a laughter, it’s a grin, it’s a smirk – it’s the feeling – Smile!

The smile in the boy is so complicated that it is mixed, a very precious feeling. And this had mirrored the sweetness inside my heart during that short period of time, a little bit of happiness, a little break that doesn’t slow me down – and yet, enough to let me be happy. Throughout the Reading Week, can’t help looking at it to feel back the feeling, it’s just an encouragement, to remind me – learn to smile…

1 comment:

~ Siang chia ~ said...

hey there...nice drawing!
yes, i used to forget to SMILE!
thx for reminding me to SMILE ALWAYS!

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