Saturday, December 12, 2009

Out With Michelle: Supreme Court and Some Food

Don’t worry, I am not involved in any court cases. The fact that I earned a visit to Supreme Court of Singapore is because Michelle invited me to accompany her to a talk entitled ‘Criminal Aspect of Medical Practices’. Seeing this as a topic that is yet near yet far of what we are studying and it is for the public, so I decided to fill in my time after exam to input some information into that flimsy content inside my skull. And yes, this includes Michelle laughing excitedly because this the only time she saw we wear something call skirt (aih…). Anyway, we went in the court in which wall covered up towards a certain height with marble that are framed (wonder what’s the point). However, once enter the court, it was quite wowed that we were to be checked at the entrance and cameras were not allowed, as though I am going back to Malaysia. Anyway, of course I passed through the security with my camera temporarily kept at the locker. Then, the time is quite early, so we went off to have a look at the court exhibition, which includes justices and judges from historical times. There, we found some funny names such as Tan Ah Tat, Wee Chong Jin and one of them who looked like one of our lecturer (freaky). Anyway, we are more interested in the equipments and uniforms of course. But short after that, we went into the auditorium to listen to the talk. Can’t say I 100% understand what was happening but I do understand some, amazing! Then after that we exited the building and took two evidence to show we had been there.


Then, we walked across towards the old supreme court, now a museum. It was closed at that hour, so we just have a look around outside and also look across to see the esplanade.


Along the road, we took a photo together by stopping some passer-by to take this.


Then it is time for dinner!!! We are so desperate to eat up a gingerbread house!


Of course not, we had dinner in Soup Spoon. Soup and bread filled our tummy fully and we had our desert from one of the stall, nice!

DSCF4740 DSCF4741
DSCF4742 DSCF4745

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