Saturday, December 12, 2009

PS and Orchard Outing

Phew… still haven’t catch up with the events!!! So many to post!!! Anyway, this post is about an outing with Zhuangli and Kelvin to Plaza Singapura and Orchard Road. First is we drop by Plaza Singapura and I insisted to have my lunch, been skipping meals without valid reason, waha! Anyway, we chose Manhattan Fish Market, at least it is safe to be eaten. Yes, we ordered some dishes and feast on them! Of course the two guests are taking photos again…


After that we had a quick look in Yamaha and then head towards Orchard. Yeps, the main point is to look at the lights but – this year is a nightmare. First of all, you will get haunted by some ladybird look-a-like Santas hanging across the roads with some weird combinations of lights that reminds you of anything but Christmas. I thought last year’s was worst, but now I should have appreciated last year’s decoration. This year’s Orchard lightings – FAIL! Their logo is something that looks like Bank Bumiputera – to hope for better fortune? Huh?


Anyway, my outing can’t be ruined by some weird Santas! So, we went off to Kinokuniya in Takashimaya (sounds very ya and ya – but I guess it did not sell mainly Dou Ya – Taugeh). Anyway, found Harry Potter French version! But considering that I might not even enjoy while checking all the words in dictionary, I decided to have one Le Monde first. At least, this one, I can learn slowly to read in formal French. That’s the most expensive newspaper I had ever bought in my life.


And on the way back, I take on my second mission by spotting Christmas gifts for relatives. Saw a whole stall of chocolate, but too bad the people walking speed there are too fast! Seriously, I don’t understand, why on Earth people need to walk that fast if all they wanted to do is shopping. It is supposed to be some slow-paced, relaxing past time instead of rushing on in full speed as though you are competing over Christmas present. Come on lah, Singapore doesn’t have the situation where people rush for the same toy during Christmas yet! Some more Christmas is so long ahead. If shopping also require us to walk that fast, then there’s no point shopping like that then, just click on Internet, dude!

Anyway, took some photos!


Zhuangli said...

Haha. Ya in japanese means shop. Kinokuniya is 紀国屋. Takashimaya is 高島屋, haha.

It is true lah, but when it became a habit (as in walking fast paced), maybe when it comes to shopping, people just walk fast unconsciously. Yups, it proves that you are aware that you were in shopping mood =P

Mafer said...

haha... I see... Ya...
Anyway, have to learn to slow down, if not, later walk so fast, continue speeding - until one day, you realized you can't go on anymore and realized you had missed so much in the midst of speeding...

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