Thursday, December 03, 2009

Semester: A part of the timeline

Why, but I posted this around 4 days after my final exam finished? Yes, I have been turning into an abnormal freak these few days by skipping at least 2 meals per day but eat like a crazy giant for another meal. I stayed in my room mainly is for sleeping. The sudden liberation from the exam is the cause, I guess. Looking back, I thought this semester will be free but when I check back my test list, it is as long as any other semester and even more tests than when I was taking 6 modules last semester. However, looking at those strikes, it reminds me – it’s all over now!

tests list

After drowning myself by watching movie, going around and playing matches in LOTR, I realized my blog had lost contact with me since months ago (not the posts, but the events happening around me). I guess, this is the time to set it back up. Although my less than one month vacation is not at all pleasing because I still have to work as slave for at least 2 weeks in hall. And I have to start my trainings plus NVAC stuff too. Next Monday is the start of my softball trainings and Set Décor, but guess where am I? I will be on the island of Pulau Ubin. So, it’s quite a bit sad that during exam I still have to deal with preparation for all these things and after exam have to make sure all the arrangement is in place and start spamming everyone’s email. But here goes life, After weeks, I will be happily in Penang, eating whatever I want, doing whatever I want, going wherever I want, meeting whoever I want and loads of stuff. I guess I can even pay my first ever visit to my youngest cousin, who was just borned. Then if the plan goes right, I might travel across state south to Malacca (is it Malacca) for my cousin’s wedding. Maybe I can run around paddy field too!!! So, now I must be able to work silently, waiting for my time…

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